The Big Bang Theory

Season 2 Episode 10

The Vartabedian Conundrum

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Dec 08, 2008 on CBS

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  • Sheldonitis

    Getting tired of Stephanie's single dimension. It was wonderful to actually have someone other than Sheldon carry the episode (he was actually an after thought for once). It was painful to have Leonard realize that relationships go both ways, but a very realistic lesson. That Penny was the one teaching him makes me think there's a catfight on the horizon. Beyond that, it was a pretty tame episode. Nothing really funny, nothing really substantial. Kinda meh.
  • 210

    A good episode of The Big Bang Theory tonight, I really enjoyed most of the one liners here, I just wish that Stephanie would leave the show. Leslie is better at this point.

    It's not that I hate the character, it's just this show doesn't need another female character, especially one that isn't funny. We didn't get a lot of Sheldon tonight, which in some ways was good considering this whole season has been solely focused on Sheldon.

    It was nice to keep things in track with the focus returning to Leonard, even if he isn't the funniest character of the show. The Penny & Leonard interactions were really great in the laundry room, I found myself laughing at most of the things Penny said.

    The final scene between Penny & Sheldon just really salvaged the entire episode to being a forgettable one with the computer talking for Sheldon. A lot of people already watch this show, but if you don't yet, I definitely recommend it.
  • Leonard has problem with Stephanie.

    The Big Bang Theory has gone up in viewers and in quality this season but this episode can only be viewed as a major setback for the comedy. The jokes seemed forced and unoriginal and the half hour in general seemed out of character.

    Sheldon's behavior was not of the quality we have come to expect from the already iconic character and Stephanie's presence is just taking away from the program. The Big Bang Theory keeps trying to add another female character to the show, but they keep failing. Sara Rue is a little bit better than Leslie Winkle, but she's getting screen time that could have been given to Wolowitz or Kuthrapali. Not a good start to the CBS Monday comedy lineup.
  • If there's no Sheldon, there's no Big Bang Theory

    Big Bang Theory was simply insisting on kissing the clouds all through this season. And with this episode, it has crashed onto earth like the stock market.

    Well, what can you expect when you throw the spotlight on Leonard instead of the happening guy Sheldon. Leonard can pitch in with some good one liners here and there, but an episode centered around him totally fails to provide the laughs. Here we see Sheldon totally out of character, acting like a idiot, instead of a socially awkward physics genius. Also, we see less of Sheldon-Penny interactions. Clearly, the writers have insolated all the good things that have kept this show awesome,and tried their best to create an experimental episode sans all the good stuff. Unfortunately, it ain't working.
  • Better but still not what I expect from the show.

    Leonard seeks Penny's counsel when his relationship with Stephanie takes off faster than he'd like. Sheldon's hypochondriac tendencies get the better of him. This episode was slightley better than the last couple but it still lacked in Sheldon moments, but there was a really funny scene right at the end where Sheldon typed what he wants to say to Penny I couldn't stop laughing when he said Hiney instead of honey. It was a slight improvement but I dont really like Leonerds story with Stephanie. So all in all this episode was a improvement but Sheldon didnt get much screen time.
  • Stephanie meets Penny! Leonard seeks Penny's advice after she points out that his relationship has jumped to the next level without his knowledge. Sheldon's hypochondria runs amok until Leonard's new girlfriend finds a clever way to reign Sheldon in.

    I loved Leslie Winkle! Shame they couldn't get her full time... but barring that, I like Leonard's new girlfriend. Her Sheldon-ectomy was brilliant. But I didn't think that Leonard's first reaction would have been to get rid of her. Come on, if you only get to sleep with a few people in your life, you don't have the luxury to arbitrarily turn down the decent ones :)
    I thought Sheldon was cute, but i don't want him to turn into a running joke. I would have liked seeing the guys a little more. Hopefully next week is Halo Night :)
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