The Big Bang Theory

Season 2 Episode 21

The Vegas Renormalization

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Apr 27, 2009 on CBS

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  • Vegas, Baby!

    Being able to leave the apartment is the best thing that's happened to this series. I really like the Penny/Sheldon dynamic and appreciate how splitting the cast in location rather than just story allows the show to come off of Sheldon's shoulders. He's still the star, hands down, but the others are able to shine a little brighter now. I would have liked to have seen a little more of Howard and Leslie's relationship before it crashed, but that's how Leslie works, so it's how it had to be.
  • same old

    Sorry you all know the story right now I dont deserve this treatment on the site deleteing my reviews how dare they so here is a recap.
    Sheldon, who has declined to come on the trip to Vegas, is ready to spend the weekend alone. He returns home to find that he has forgotten his key inside his locked apartment. Since the building manager will not arrive until the next morning, and Penny says she left her emergency key in their apartment, he is forced to spend the night with her. He sleeps in Penny's bed because he can't fit on the couch. When Leonard returns at the end of the episode, Sheldon comes out of Penny's apartment, telling Leonard he had dinner with her and spent the night. He also tells him that he has a better understanding of the term "friends with benefits," (which was a question he had the entire episode) before entering the apartment, leaving a bewildered Leonard looking shocked.
  • 221

    Way better than the previous episode. For some reason this show always reminds me of "Friends." They even have a Vegas episode, for Pete's sake. May be because Penny's character is much like Rachel's character on Friends but anyways, this was a great episode of TBBT. I love how the writers are stepping out of their comfort zones in a way. I mean, the group going to Vegas? A bit unexpected. Leonard & Raj getting a hooker for Howard was hilarious.

    I'm glad the pointless Leslie & Howard pairing ended though. I don't know if we'll be seeing Leslie again in a better light, but I'm just glad that little story line is over. Of course the Sheldon & Penny interactions for the most part steal the show. Sheldon gets locked out of his apartment which results in Sheldon having to sleep over at Penny's.

    The fact that Sheldon couldn't fathom the idea of being friends with benefits was hilarious, and I just loved Penny's reaction times. Also great revival of Penny singing the Cat song to Sheldon. We've got some great interactions here, especially near the end. Sheldon's closing line to Leonard just was hysterical. Great episode overall, looking forward to the next.
  • Doing what the show does best

    Two hilarious plot threads. The guys in Vegas. Sheldon sleeping at Penny's. The potential is enormous.
    Leslie breaks up with Howard so Sheldon (of all people) makes a suggestion
    'You know i'm given to understand there's a city in Navada dedicated to make people like you forget their problems, and they can replace them with new problems, such as alcoholism, gambling addiction and sexually transmitted diseases' So the guys left for Vegas (except Sheldon) who enjoys the solitude. Unfortunately for him he gets locked out of his house or his 'big ice thingy' as Penny humourously calls it.
    In Vegas we see Leonard and Raj together which is pretty funny. These two characters are probably the least explored of the shows characters and when together are pretty funny. Raj breaks out of his shell and gives some pretty funny lines
    'Disney land can suck it'
    While Leonard does the whole Awkward thing really well as he asks the female if she is a prostitue. Which brings laughs.
    More laughs are generated as she pretends to be Jewish in order to cheer Howard up
    'Would it kill them to put out a little brisket'
    Back at Penny's, her and Sheldon have a conversation about friend's with benefits and Sheldon sings a hilarious nursery rhyme in convincing Penny to let him sleep in her bed. Feeling home sick he asks Penny to sing 'Soft Kitty' Didn't really care for this scene. It should have been funny, but Penny's annoyed reaction made me get annoyed at Sheldon taking the humour out of the situation.
    The ending is hilarious
    Sheldon to Leonard: I spent the night at Penny's. Oh by the way I know have a much better understanding of friend's with benefits'
    Leonard was stumped.
    Great ending. Terrific episode
  • This show is losing its touch.

    There was a time this season when I could honestly say that The Big Bang Theory was the BEST comedy on television. But after the past few episodes I do not understand how that was the case. I don't know if it's that the characters have gotten too predictable, or we're just too comfortable with everybody, but the jokes are just falling flat on nearly every attempt. I mean a Las Vegas episode? I know it's from the same guy behind Two and a Half Men, but it actually makes sense that Charlie would do it on that show. Nerds do not emigrate to Nevada, and the fact that Sheldon suggested it was out of character because he is usually not a guy with street smarts.

    I laughed at a few Sheldon moments, but this was nowhere near one of his better outings. When that is the case you know the show is doomed.
  • this one was Hilarious!!

    i loved this episode, especially the scenes between Sheldon and Penny, that was really funny !!!
    Sheldon really stupid, he doesn't know anything about real life !! and Howard really was touched by Lesly :s
    i liked the scene when Sheldon was super happy and talking to Penny on the stairs, and want to eat the food that he couldn't eat because of the guys haha, and then he got stock outside the door because HE forgot his keys!!
    and when he was talking about Vegas like some place in Nevada that was hilarious too!!
    and i loved Jodi's appearance i really like.
    but the best thing that when Sheldon wanted to go to sleep at Penny's that is something !!
    like he couldn't sleep and Penny sang soft Kenny, and he actually thanked Penny for letting him stay nad then he kicked her out of the room THAT was HILARIOUS :D
  • Sheldon stays at Penny's and Raj and Leonard take Howard to Vegas.

    Well, I guess this is probably the first episode where Raj had some really funny lines, and has pulled off probably his best ever performance on the show. I found this episode to be funny for most part, but I am not really sure - the Sheldon-Penny sequences are getting too stale and predictable. Although, I agree changing things between them - like Penny falling for Sheldon would be phenomenally weird, and would ruin the whole premise of the show. Howard's dressing up arsenal and the hooker part were actually quite funny.

    Fine show, but things are getting a lot too predictable.
  • Vegas Baby, more like Sheldon & Penny!

    My favorite episode this season is "The Barbarian Sublimation." Interestingly enough it's about Sheldon & Penny. I am loving their Chemistry, if you want to call it that.

    The Vegas scenes was okay, the best moment of course was when Howard met the "Jewish" Prostitute. LOL At the end, it was weak compared to with Sheldon & Penny and their Night Out, every scene was amazing and I couldn't stop LMAO.

    I love the ending when Sheldon tells Leonard that he has a better understanding with the term "Friend's with Benefits." I can't wait for the Blu-ray Disc release, I hope we get more Behind the Scenes/Making Of features.
  • Phenomenal!

    It is starting to get to the point where I am mesmerized and laughing hysterically throughout almost every episode. I usually do not rank shows (or episodes) a 9.5 or 10, but with this episode, I couldn't find one single reason not to give it a perfect score.

    I must say that in this episode Raj was unbelievably wonderful. If anything, this is the first episode I can recall where Raj had so many lines of actual dialogue since the 1st Season's 'Grasshopper' episode. And he absolute killed with every line, gesture or remark.

    Some thoughts about the episode - I loved how Leonard and Raj took a depressed Howard to Las Vegas and set him up with a dazzling prostitute who even pretends to be Jewish in order to woo Howard. All the scenes shot (supposedly) in Vegas were laugh out loud funny, to the point where I swaer I missed some jokes because I was still lauging at a prior one. And then we have Sheldon, who ends up staying over at Penny's apartment after locking himself out of his own - the interactions between Sheldon and Penny are always amazing, but, again, they both delivered splendidly. When Sheldon finally thanks Penny for letting him stay at her place (after Penny reluctantly had to sing 'Soft Kitty' yet again) and then proceeds to tell Penny to 'get out' because he is now ready to fall asleep had me in stitches. All in all, a marvel of an episode, and sure to go down as one of the absolute best in the show's history to date.