The Big Bang Theory

Season 2 Episode 21

The Vegas Renormalization

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Apr 27, 2009 on CBS

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  • Doing what the show does best

    Two hilarious plot threads. The guys in Vegas. Sheldon sleeping at Penny's. The potential is enormous.
    Leslie breaks up with Howard so Sheldon (of all people) makes a suggestion
    'You know i'm given to understand there's a city in Navada dedicated to make people like you forget their problems, and they can replace them with new problems, such as alcoholism, gambling addiction and sexually transmitted diseases' So the guys left for Vegas (except Sheldon) who enjoys the solitude. Unfortunately for him he gets locked out of his house or his 'big ice thingy' as Penny humourously calls it.
    In Vegas we see Leonard and Raj together which is pretty funny. These two characters are probably the least explored of the shows characters and when together are pretty funny. Raj breaks out of his shell and gives some pretty funny lines
    'Disney land can suck it'
    While Leonard does the whole Awkward thing really well as he asks the female if she is a prostitue. Which brings laughs.
    More laughs are generated as she pretends to be Jewish in order to cheer Howard up
    'Would it kill them to put out a little brisket'
    Back at Penny's, her and Sheldon have a conversation about friend's with benefits and Sheldon sings a hilarious nursery rhyme in convincing Penny to let him sleep in her bed. Feeling home sick he asks Penny to sing 'Soft Kitty' Didn't really care for this scene. It should have been funny, but Penny's annoyed reaction made me get annoyed at Sheldon taking the humour out of the situation.
    The ending is hilarious
    Sheldon to Leonard: I spent the night at Penny's. Oh by the way I know have a much better understanding of friend's with benefits'
    Leonard was stumped.
    Great ending. Terrific episode
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