The Big Bang Theory

Season 3 Episode 9

The Vengeance Formulation

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Nov 23, 2009 on CBS

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  • Bernadette

    The pranks continue - I'm just not a fan of practical jokes because of what they can do in the office, so this episode really didn't appeal to me. It was nice to see the character development (kinda) in Howard, but even that was half-assed and not terribly compelling. They're hitting a new rhythm this season, but this episode felt very first season. Not great at all.
  • 309

    A very forgettable installment of The Big Bang Theory as opposed to the last episode which I thought was pretty great. An episode focused on Howard has never really been my cup of tea, but in some cases it turns out to be good, this wasn't one of those times. So this episode had to do with Howard afraid of commitment when Bernadette asks him where their relationship is going (Who cares?), meanwhile Sheldon gets pranked. (Again, who cares?).

    Sheldon's plot is usually the best, but here it was just cliche and predictable. The only part I liked was when Penny was describing to Howard that Leonard is the type of guy she usually goes for, but other than that, this episode really wasn't that great. And tomorrow, I probably will already forget about it.
  • Weak.

    After last week's awful episode of The Big Bang Theory, this week should have been great, right? You'd think so, but no, it was another disappointing installment of a show I once referred to as great. You would think that having Katee Sackhoff naked in a bathtub would be enough to justify at least an 8, but they somehow even managed to blow that guest spot.

    The "pranks" during this episode were childish on both ends and even the slowest person in the world could predict that Sheldon's would backfire. Just because something worked on Salute Your Shorts doesn't mean it would on a show nearly 20 years later.

    Let's hope this is just a minor funk The Big Bang Theory is in. I want to like this show, but this was yet another mediocre installment.
  • an average, but awesome episode :)

    I loved this episode! It was good ole big bang theory fun. Sheldon on helium, I'll admit, was a hilarious sound. But his vengeance prank was even more amusing! There were some excellent references as well, I especially liked the batman reference, with joker and batman.

    However, the howard storyline did not interest me whatsoever. I thought it was very boring. His song was somewhat amusing but that was about the extent of my interest in that storyline. But him and his mother yelling at each other while he is having a bubble bath with champagne was quite funny.

    It was an alright episode, but hopefully it gets better :)
  • Sheldon is going to be on NPR to discuss his current theory and then is humiliated by a colleague who he is rivals with. Howard and Bernadette go on their third date and based on what that means Bernadette wants to know where their relationship is going.

    An entertaining story with two interesting parts. It didn't have the strength of the last three or so episodes, but was fun to watch anyways.

    Our two parts are based on Sheldon's radio interview and Howard's relationship with Bernadette.

    Sheldon has big news at lunch which gets ruined by his rival Barry Kripke played by John Ross Bowie who rudely tells his friends and then actually goes on to ruin his interview in a very clever way.

    On Howard's dating front, he and Bernadette are at the end of their third date. Bernadette informs him as this is their third date and that's the "sex date". She wants to know if he's really interested or if this is a one night stand.

    The additional comedy comes from Sheldon's reaction and retribution against Barry and what occurs. Also Howard's fantasy bathroom antics starring Katee Sackhoff of BSG as herself.

    As I stated, an entertaining episode that sort of missed something that usually is there. Maybe more Leonard, Penny, and Raj. Who knows. I enjoyed the episode all the same just not as much as usual. Thanks for reading...
  • Another great installment....

    There is nothing much to be said about tonight's episode, it's just another day at work for cast and crew. We had a revenge of the nerds type story involving Sheldon and Kripke. Though we didn't see the usual Sheldon Cooper here, the comedy of errors angle to his story worked out really well.

    I guess the other storyline was something I was looking forward to see. The promo which showed Wolowitz and Katee Sachoff sharing a bathtub really bummed me out. I mean, though I pretty much figured out that it must be some sort of fantasy, I never thought Katee Sachoff would be playing herself. Good episode.