The Big Bang Theory

Season 5 Episode 19

The Weekend Vortex

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Mar 08, 2012 on CBS

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  • Gives a bit more of the classic BBT vibe

    Clearly an improvement over the last couple of episodes, and most of the last couple of seasons. Yet, Bearnedette's presence during the guys' Star Wars gaming marathon takes away from the episode. Some of her lines (or rather sound effects) are degrading to the ear and cringe inducing to the mind. God I hate her!
  • Sheldon, Howard, Raj, and Leonard want to have a guys' weekend of video gaming with no girlfriends but things don't go as planned for Sheldon

    Sheldon incurs Amy's ire when he chooses a weekend of video gaming with the guys over a birthday party for her aunt. I thought that this was a hilarious episode of "The Big Bang Theory". It has a great and highly enjoyable premise plus there were a bunch of genuinely hilarious moments in this episode. I'm not gonna lie but the running gag with the "whip" app that Sheldon downloaded in his phone was just drop dead hilarious and it never did get old for me. Usually running gags in shows getting tiring and very old to watch that running gag in this episode actually worked for me. It was funny how Sheldon wanted to try to ditch Amy's aunt's birthday party to do a weekend of video gaming with the guys and all that stuff. I should've reviewed this episode earlier to discuss some more things but yeah, I just know that I really enjoyed this episode so I most likely recommend this episode everyone... watch it, just watch it. Overall, a well crafted and hilarious episode of "The Big Bang Theory". 10/10
  • i love all tbbt episodes

    This one was really funny.Yes i did like the last one a bit better,but this one was really really funny:)
  • Whipped App

    Here is a link to the App from the episode:
  • Finally funny again

    This was actually a very good episode. I haven't laughed a lot when watching the show lately, but it seems it finally improves again. Raj's fit was hilarious, as was the whip app. I hope the future episodes will make me laugh more again. I remember being in tears when I watched the first and second season.
  • The gang plans a weekend of nothing but video games.

    We see how it could of been back before the time of Penny and Bernadette and Amy as Leonard, Howard, and Raj plan a weekend of all video games and no girlfriends. However, it is quickly spoiled when Sheldon realizes he promised Amy he'd attend her aunt's 93rd birthday party with her and when the weekend comes, Bernadette comes along with it. However, Sheldon disappoints Amy by ditching her as she leaves to go to the party. When she returns, she goes to Penny for help. To heal the wounding, they play Quarters, which Penny unfortunately but funnily finds out that Amy is good at. Across the hall, Sheldon downloads a whipping sound app that was funny both times he played it as Howard was being "whipped" by Bernadette. Sheldon's laugh following the two whips was hilarious as well. Meanwhile, Raj has been quiet, as normally, but he finally speaks up, kicking every girl out of the room as he demands his bro-time. I hadn't realized the guys were drinking until after he started ranting, and before that I thought he was actually talking in front of women without being drunk! Then as I noticed the alcohol, I got slightly disappointed. Oh yeah, and Sheldon gets out of trouble by offering Amy homemade coupons, which she demands to be redeemed immediately. Leonard's "Watch for the expiration date" line was funny. Overall, it was a good episode, and a pleasant comeback after episodes in the last few weeks' past, although nothing happened.
  • nice one...

    all the four guys trying to spend weekend gaming for nonstop 48hrs.. cool...

  • Mel1953

    This showing was great as they all are. I need to get that iPhone APP sound they were using in this episode. Sounds like wipe sound for those who give there girls there way. Loved it.