The Big Bang Theory

Season 5 Episode 18

The Werewolf Transformation

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Feb 23, 2012 on CBS

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  • Sheldon needs a new barber to cut his hair when his original barbar got sick

    Sheldon is forced into altering his precious schedule after his barber falls ill. Meanwhile, the training required to be an astronaut has Wolowitz wondering if he has the right stuff. I thought that this was a hilarious episode of "The Big Bang Theory". The subplot with Howard wasn't that funny but the main plot with Sheldon just going crazy about who is going to cut his hair was very funny though. I enjoyed the storyline (mainly the main plot) and I thought there was a lot of top-notch humor from start to finish and I just couldn't stop laughing. Another reason why I enjoy watching this show. The show, yes, may have lost a little bit of its magic but it's got the charms to be a hilarious show. I definitely got a huge laugh at the very ending of the episode with Penny cutting Sheldon's hair and she accidentally shaved off a piece of hair. I would recommend this episode if you want to laugh big time. Overall, a perfect episode of "The Big Bang Theory". 10/10
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