The Big Bang Theory

Season 2 Episode 9

The White Asparagus Triangulation

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Nov 24, 2008 on CBS

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  • some clever gags

    For me, the bit with Sheldon seeking the acoustic sweet spot in the theater was hilarious. Ditto for the Snowball in his childhood homemade CAT scanner.
  • Sheldon FTL

    For once, I'm glad to be wrong. Stephanie wasn't dropped and picked up episode-to-episode as she's useful to the writers. She and Leonard are actually going to be a thing for a while (though I hope not too long, she really comes across as desperate and degrading). I really need Sheldon to stop being the catalyst for everything and for more continuity to be added to the show, but again, (as I've said far too often,) they're getting there.
  • 209

    Even though Sheldon got more exposure, I'm really not liking the Leonard/Stephanie relationship. Sure, it was good for an episode but there really isn't anything funny about Stephanie. Leslie may even better at this point, at least she had some sort of angle. Stephanie didn't make me laugh once. Sheldon was the one that brought the laughs tonight, but that's really no surprise. I feel as though the writers need to give other characters the spotlight, and make them as funny as Sheldon because honestly seeing a Sheldon-centric episode every week is starting to become tiresome. We know that Sheldon is great, but what about Leonard, Raj or Penny? Sheldon's carrying this show, and his back is breaking. Like I said though, he was great here, especially that whole bit in the movie theater. However Leonard's meltdown over Sheldon changing his relationship status on Facebook? Couldn't find any reasoning in that. Overall a good episode with some laughs.
  • Sheldon attempts and succeeds in getting Leonard and Stephanie into a relationship.

    This show just does it again and again, that the element of surprise is not there anymore. A lot of dimensions of Jim Parsons has been explored this season, and he has just ripped it off. Here he tries to help Sheldon cement his relationship with Stephanie, for the reason that he considers her at par with his intellectual standards.

    Its also interesting to look at the way, he develops a chemistry with any new character that already exists or comes into the show. We also, see Wolowitz and Koothrapali underutilized this episode. For most part, they weren't even there on the screen. The Sheldon-Penny combo also seems to work pretty darn good. Its also good to see Leonard pitching in with some good lines. I don't see the problem in this show being Sheldon-centric. If the show spirals down, it wouldn't be because of this strategy, rather it would be because, you've run out of ideas. A super-comedy week from CBS.
  • Sheldon is convinced that Leonard is going to ruin his relationship to the only girl that he has ever been able to tolerate him dating.

    I can't say enough good things about this show. It gets better and better. This episode if you like Sheldon then you will love this episode. I find that this show works the best when it stays with Sheldon for most of the episode. Leonard is funny and all but he really is just there for the buddy effect. For me Sheldon keeps finding different ways to crack me up. I really think that Jim Parsons should be nominated for an Emmy at some point for his role as Sheldon and by the by Kaley Cuoco is always entertaining as Penny and smoking hot!
  • anoth average episode.

    Sheldon is overexuberant that Leonard finally has a girlfriend matching his high standards. The last couple of episodes have been a bit boring I'm suprised at that the show has delivered two average episodes in a row. Nothing much happened in this episode that amuzed me. Sheldon constanly asking Penny questions about her and leonards relationship was funny and the part in the movies was the laugh out load funny but the rest of the episode kind of dragged and thats not good for a 20 minute show. another 8 out of 10 for the big bang theory hopefully it improves over the next few episodes.
  • Yet another Sheldon-centric episode...

    Yet another Sheldon-centric episode... On the long run, it seems to become an easy way out, and it's the danger lurking around this show : don't turn this brilliant series into a one man show and the rest of the crew is mere filler. Balance, guys, balance - and yes it requires some clever plotting and thinking, but that's how you'll keep my love and thumbs up !
  • Sheldon continually gets in the way of Leonard's dating.

    Sheldon talking like the youth of America. Just when you thought The Big Bang Theory came up with everything for Sheldon to do they unleash this upon us. Sheldon sitting on the date was equally hilarious, but the third wheel concept has been done on Flight of the Conchords, Seinfeld and just about every other sitcom you can think of. Sheldon moving around the theater, now that was original and excellent.

    Yet another Sheldon-centric episode of The Big Bang Theory, but you do not have to be a mathematician to know that this formula is working. Too many laughs to count here and more proof that Bang might be the best sitcom on television today.
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