The Big Bang Theory

Season 5 Episode 4

The Wiggly Finger Catalyst

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Oct 06, 2011 on CBS

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  • Funniest episode of the season so far


    I dont really write reviews anymore but this episode compelled me to make an exception.

    Raj was actually, surprisingly enough the most hilarious he has ever been. He actually stole the show tonight with Howard a close second. The whole deaf golddigger storyline was perfectly executed and Penny, Howard and Raj had an excellent dynamic.

    Sheldon again for a second time in a row had his own b story, this time consisting of rolling dice to make trivial decisions for him. Brilliant and classic Sheldon. Better than the train stuff last week.

    Actually while writing this I just realised that Leonard wasnt in this episode much and do you know what? He wasnt really missed - evidently. I really hope this season isnt as hit-and-miss as last season and so far this season. I want the consistency that Seasons 1-3 had!

  • I really loved this episode... Raj finally talks to a lady without being hammered.


    I really loved this episode... Raj finally talks to a lady without being hammered.

    Raj really made me laugh a lot in this episode... making fun of Emily (the deaf lady).

    Raj: "I love music, do you love music?"... LOL

    Emily really was a gold digger... she dropped Raj "BOOM" when she realized he would have to return all the gifts he gave her.

    Sorry Raj... that's some of the things you have to face in a relationship.

    My best quote:-
    "...sometimes i put the TV on mute just to pretend that she's still with me... but i can't watch the closed captioning without crying...." LOL

  • Very funny episode with one major flaw


    I thought that this was a very funny episode of "The Big Bang Theory". It would have gotten a perfect score from me but there was one major flaw that ruined that which I will get to in a second. The gang feels like Raj is lonely and doesn't have anyone to be in love with. Penny sets up Raj with a girl (who is deaf). This is where it comes to my major flaw. The one major flaw about this episode are the jokes about that poor girl being deaf. I just didn't find that funny at all, I thought it was cruel and offensive to deaf people around the world. It just made me feel more and more bad for deaf people and I would always keep telling Raj "Ohhhhh no" when he is asking questions to that poor deaf girl such as "Do you like to hear music?". Come on, I know Raj is an idiot and that's what makes him funny but those questions and jokes that he was making about that poor deaf girl just wasn't funny at all... it was just sad to even hear those jokes from Raj. Other than that, this episode was very funny. Sheldon doing his Dunces and Dragons to answer trivia questions was definitely the funniest thing about this entire episode. Howard asking that deaf girl something about being banging Raj (I don't quite remember) and then that deaf girl cussing out Howard (of course with sign language) was very funny. More parts made me laugh hard as well except for the jokes about deaf people, those are just cruel and sad jokes. Overall, a great episode of "The Big Bang Theory" but could be offensive to deaf people... at least they won't be able to hear those cruel and sad jokes in this episode but I do feel very bad for people who are deaf in this world. 8/10