The Big Bang Theory

Season 4 Episode 22

The Wildebeest Implementation

Aired Monday 8:00 PM May 05, 2011 on CBS

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  • "I knew I should given my Pope a jet-pack!".

    First off, this seems like the first time in ages (if ever) an episode where the guys weren't in the opening grab. I thought it may have been a one off thing last episode with fun loving Amy because she looked like she'd had a few to drink last week. But it seems to have stuck, and gun to my head, i'm actually liking it, sure it maybe a little jarring, but i couldn't stand up tight Amy. I'd say for much longer...but that time has come and gone.

    Surprisingly, Sheldon had very little to do in this episode, he usually gets all the best stuff, but i like it when him and Raj get solo plots together, they're a strange mix, which makes for some great comedy. Not that Shelly got the short end of the stick, he still had some good one liners, "Tic-tacs!".
    I liked that they started to move Raj forward with his selective mutism, it's not funny anymore, and its past its use by date. I'm not sure if that's the case tho, judging from the ending, but i guess we'll see. Bernadette had some funny stuff here, i like that they utilised her better here, she never is 80 percent of the time. I'm hoping Penny and Leonard get back together soon, it seems inevitable, and Priya was okay the first episode or so she was in, but her presents continues to be a stalling tactic in my mind. The hinting of another engagement (vague, given) but I think this was more for shock value. On the other hand, meeting the Koothrappalis, i'd move to see them out from behind the laptop screen, hope that come into fruition.

    Heard some say they felt that they wrote Penny, Bernadette and Amy in a pretty
    stereotypical manner, what with the bathroom stall chit chat and the the purchasing of overly priced shoes, i can see most of that, though it some of it in character for Penny. While i would point out Bernadette didn't seem that interested in the footwear, and i'm fairly certain she was doing it for solidarity with Penny, otherwise it wouldn't make much sense given her demeanour and attitude about such things in past episodes.

    I can see some people may not have enjoyed the change of pace with the girl's getting the lime light for once, i for one didn't mind at all. Although, i don't think i'd like to see this too often.
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