The Big Bang Theory

Season 2 Episode 18

The Work Song Nanocluster

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Mar 16, 2009 on CBS

Episode Recap

The gang starts their morning with a rousing game of Secret Agent Laser Obstacle Chess, which Sheldon excuses himself from so that he can deliver a package to Penny. He waits until exactly 11:00 and performs his usual three knocks and a name call until Penny opens the door. Penny is grateful for the delivery, but refuses to sign for it. Sheldon notes that she must sign for it so that he is no longer liable. Ultimately, she signs to shut him up. After explaining why she is ordering rhinestones, Sheldon offers some advice on what Penny can do to improve her home business of making hair accessories. Penny is surprised and asks Sheldon if he knows about this stuff. Sheldon responds by claiming he is a physicist and has working knowledge of the universe and everything in it. "Who's Radiohead?" Penny asks. Sheldon twitches and says he retains only the important information. They strike a business deal in which Penny can not make snide remarks or be sarcastic. The rest of the gang hear singing as they are about to leave for a movie and walk in on Penny and Sheldon singing sea-shanty work songs to self-motivate. They all end up helping, and by helping they of course turn to science and try to find ways to expedite the process. Sheldon forces a move to his apartment, and to the question of why her apartment is not good enough, Sheldon answers "Because it's not my apartment." Leonard creates a youthful-looking website for the product, and gets an immediate return - an order of 1,000 flowers for an upcoming LGBT parade in New Jersey. Reasoning that Amazon offers a one-day rush order, Leonard offers the same. With Penny only able to make about 20 per day, the gang starts to work selflessly into the night. We find out that Raj lived in a home with four servants (two of them children), and he says that if he wanted to stay up all night working, he could have stayed in India. Sheldon tries to take preemptive managerial steps to stamp out the negativity before he falls asleep. Refusing coffee because he promised his mother he would not start using drugs, he heads off to bed before Leonard sarcastically notes that without his help, they will surely fail. Sheldon agrees to a sip of coffee and before long he is unable to work, focused on his own musings of the universe. The gang completes the project before Leonard realizes that another order of 1,000 flowers has been placed. Exhausted, the gang decides not to continue and heads off to bed. With the exception of Sheldon who, in the full costume of the Flash, goes out for more coffee.