The Big Bang Theory

Season 2 Episode 18

The Work Song Nanocluster

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Mar 16, 2009 on CBS

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  • Pennyblossoms

    Absolutely no closure in this episode. What happened with the order? Did she cancel it? Did she go super Penny and finish them all? Did she ever take one-day rush off the website? This episode had an adorable premise (Sheldon with crafts and on coffee, c'mon), but it didn't deliver anything else. It wasn't all the funny and served to remind us that Howard and Leslie continue to not? be a thing. Meh episode.
  • Sheldon gets high on coffee

    I hate to admit, this installment jumped the shark by a good extent. While the writers tried their best to engage all characters rather than focusing on a specific pair or so, this one seemed to produce a artificial effect.

    First of all, I really detested the overdose of science/engineering stuff. Since when did Sheldon get interested in running an assembly line for some girly stuff that Penny designed. Worst of all, I found the enthusiasm shared by the gang toward this thing, way out of character. And then it goes on to murder us with websites, gay stuff, blue tooth, and what not. While things seemed a bit out of character, I did like some fun stuff like Sheldon getting high on coffee, and the laser-pizza-chess stuff. Things like these seem more like the show.

    A 6 might be a lot harsh. But yes, I was disappointed.
  • .BAM!!!zoom zoom zoom xD

    one of the best episodes ever!!! i loved this episode and its definitely a re-watch one!1 Super funny one XD
    i mean from the beginning of the episode and you just start laughing !!! the laser chess !!! come one xD
    and Penny's business and how Sheldon helped her and what was really funny when they were singing Sheldon AND Penny hahahahaha XD
    and when Penny started to convince Sheldon to drink coffee and how he promised his mother not to take drugs!!! lol , and when he took it ... BAM !!! that was hilarious man .
    and just before the ending when they finished the 1000 piece and the order of the another 1000 came ,, came with it the zoom zoom Sheldon and it was the most funny moment in the big bang theory for me xD i luv this guy he always shock me :D
    and then again the laser game to eat lunch that was hilarious too !!!
  • Penny starts a business which ends up having disastrous results.

    Very rarely will you see a successful show randomly shift its focus, but such is the case with The Big Bang Theory. The Leonard and Penny relationship, that paralleled Ross and Rachel from Friends and Sam and Diane from Cheers in ways, dominated the first season, but has since been replaced with the Sheldon and Penny relationship. Zero sexual chemistry between the two, but I do not think you will find anybody who would argue that such was not a change for the better.

    I liked this episode for the most part, but Howard went a little crazy here mentioning strippers and his testicles in the span of three minutes. That kind of lowbrow humor is beneath The Big Bang Theory, but otherwise another fine episode of the program.
  • 218

    A superb episode of The Big Bang Theory tonight, I loved the Penny & Sheldon interactions, and I just love how the writers are giving what the viewers want and I'm glad that they're aware who is most funny. Although I do have to admit the Sheldon interactions were a tad over the top, this episode was still funny nonetheless.

    Sure the last episode was more memorable, but this episode was funnier and we got a great balance between all of the characters. I found myself genuinely laughing at most of the scenes. The plot was great. Forcing the group to make Penny Blossoms all night resulting in Sheldon getting hyped on coffee. Very funny and well thought out plot.

    Looking forward to the rest of the episodes this season, hopefully TBBT continues to bring quality episodes like this one.
  • huh

    Penny's business selling hair accessories out of her apartment gets out of hand when an over-caffeinated Sheldon takes charge. I swear to god I reviewed this episode when I saw it strange well its going to be difficult for me to remember what happened but I wil try. If I remember this episode had Penny and Sheldon singing together that gets it a 9 out of 10 because of that, it was a clever episode and was a change from others because it saw everyone work together through out most of the episode was based in the apartment. 9 out of 10.
  • One of the most amusing episodes all season.

    I have to say that the second season of The Big Bang Theory could have gone very wrong. The writers could have abused Sheldon's character until we hated him and could have made Raj and Howard one trick ponies (not speaking unless drinking and terrible with women); however, this episode in particular shows us exactly where things went right. The characters have actually been fleshed out a decent amount. Penny and Sheldon have a very intricate relationship. They alternate between hating each other and grudgingly appreciating each other's company. Penny and Leonard have gotten to the point where Penny will beg him to help him and he will simply go to bed. It makes life more interesting when we don't sit around watching Sheldon simply be neurotic and Leonard failing with Penny.

    The acting in this episode was excellent and the superposition of actual intellectual humour with Howard's general idiocy was also a great deal of fun.

    Best line of the night: "Super secret agent lunch is just stupid."
  • Series Classic!

    I usually don't write reviews because people vote down without even reading the review but I had to write about this excellent episode.

    Almost every word in this episode was flawless, even Raj's non verbal words work in this show. I don't know who the writers are but they are brilliant. Having Penny and Sheldon working together was awesome. She can't be Sarcastic towards him, but he can be condescending towards her. Having them sing together was another classic, showing that The Big Bang Theory is far ahead of it's time. The dialog is so fast paced it is incredible. This show and especially this episode should go down as one of the best comedies of all time. I know there are lots of older comedies that will always be in our hearts but come 20 years from now, just like Three's Company, Friends and Seinfeld we'll be watching this on reruns wishing it was still on the air.