The Big Bang Theory

Season 7 Episode 5

The Workplace Proximity

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Oct 17, 2013 on CBS

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  • Writers have officially lost the plot here.

    Sheldon once again talks complete rubbish and is completely oblivious to the abuse and hurt he inflicts..

    even his apology was funny at first but then it is repeated too much..

    i've never really liked amy she has little to no substance beyond the 'social misfit/ sexmad loner' who picks the only sexually stunted guy in the world as bf... it was about time she had some depth added to her, but to put her through the ringer like this was just plain awful, and in the opening scene i was bored rigid and was almost about to skip forward..

    then we have howard and bernie 'first big fall out' yes howard didn't handle it well and bernie is right but then again she knew that going in to the relationship right ??

    so all this really has done is

    a) possibly set up shamy spilting up ( omg please let it be so)

    b) howards reconciling with bern and thus making penny more into leonard.

    c) things go back to the way they were last week... how lame..

    d) amy actually changes the experiment and replaces the monkey with sheldon..

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