The Big Bang Theory

Season 7 Episode 5

The Workplace Proximity

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 17, 2013 on CBS

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  • gage821212

  • Why is Sheldon still alive in his 30's, since he can't take a dump where he eats?????

    If Sheldon really religiously upheld his "You don't take a dump where you eat" policy, that would imply that he would not be able to "take a dump" even in his own house. And since his father used to say that all the time, that would also imply that Sheldon had adopted that policy from a very young age....

    How the hell is Sheldon still alive then?

    He can't even sh1t in his house (cause he eats there), as demonstrated in his dialogue with Amy (he never took a dump in a restaurant, despite the fact that the restroom and the dining room are completely separated). Had he adopted that policy from a young age, I would guess that it would probably take a couple of weeks, at most, for Sheldon's organs to shutdown from constipation-unwillingness to defecate...

    Which begs the question: Why is Sheldon still alive in his 30's?

    Only logical explanation is that Sheldon does not stick to his routine/practice/principles, when it does not suit him....

    Other explanations require metaphysical discussions....
  • Writers have officially lost the plot here.

    Sheldon once again talks complete rubbish and is completely oblivious to the abuse and hurt he inflicts..

    even his apology was funny at first but then it is repeated too much..

    i've never really liked amy she has little to no substance beyond the 'social misfit/ sexmad loner' who picks the only sexually stunted guy in the world as bf... it was about time she had some depth added to her, but to put her through the ringer like this was just plain awful, and in the opening scene i was bored rigid and was almost about to skip forward..

    then we have howard and bernie 'first big fall out' yes howard didn't handle it well and bernie is right but then again she knew that going in to the relationship right ??

    so all this really has done is

    a) possibly set up shamy spilting up ( omg please let it be so)

    b) howards reconciling with bern and thus making penny more into leonard.

    c) things go back to the way they were last week... how lame..

    d) amy actually changes the experiment and replaces the monkey with sheldon..

  • Grade A Sheldon

    Not much else but he sure can make me laugh when he tries.
  • A good episode

    This episode made me laugh a lot (which is the most important thing for me). Especially the bit with Sheldon and the monkey, and Howard faking a heart attack. However, despite the laughs, I found it a bit depressing and intense.

    The writers need to make Bernadette and Sheldon be more likable. It always makes me laugh when Sheldon insults people to their faces, but they need to make him charming enough at the same time that he doesn't come across as a totally horrible person. Similarly with Bernadette, it's funny when she has one of her out-bursts (especially since she's so reminiscent of Howard's mom), however, this season she's come across as unlikable. In episode 2 she really upset Amy with what she said about Sheldon when they were at that convention together, in episode 3 she was being too harsh on Leonard imo when she lied about Penny and kept screaming at him, and in episode 4 she was a bit nasty to Howard. They're two of the main characters, so they need more redeeming qualities to make them more likable imo.

    Then there's Amy and Raj who are a bit depressing. I like both of their characters (especially Amy, I find her hilarious, especially when she was first introduced) , but I feel so sorry for them in many episodes. The show needs to be a bit more uplifting. It wasn't too bad with Raj in this particular episode, but Amy has such a hard time, it's sad to watch really. They need to make some good things happen to Amy and Raj in future episodes, so that as viewers we can feel happy for them.

    I enjoyed this episode, and I am excited for next week as always, but there's room for improvement in terms of how the main characters are written imo.
  • Shamy is borriiiiiiinngggg!!!

    Take the worst character of the show(Amy farrah fowler) and give her lots of lines... thats how you make the worst episode of a sitcom... and thats what chuck lorre did.. Shamy arc is not only boring but highly predictable and irritable to such an extent that even the good jokes cant save the face.. If u want this show to continu doing wonders... loose Amy.. Kill her off or send her to Afghanistan.. Ur choice Chuck..
  • What is going on with this show?

    For the last few episodes I've been asking myself this one question. But this episode just makes me sigh on so many levels. Nothing happened. Nothing at all. Ok, Bernie and Howard had a tiff, so did Sheldon and Amy. That's it. Nothing spectacular, nothing meaningful. Just two couples having a silly fight (if you can call it that), about nothing. I seriously blinked and it was over. Nothing was added, nothing was taken away. Just a big lot of nothing.

    I really like this show, but not even my love of Sheldon (which is seriously waning these days because his character is becoming so unlikable) can save it.

    Blah blah... nothing!
  • I can see why you're no longer reviewing this show...

    it's unfunny and an insult to women.

    Chuck Lorre has done it again.