The Big Bang Theory

Season 4 Episode 19

The Zarnecki Incursion

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Mar 31, 2011 on CBS

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  • Bereft of Ostrich

    What would the guys do without Penny? It didn't take long at all to get bored with Pria, especially when she keeps trying to change Leonard and doesn't appreciate any of his hobbies. It's ridiculous how easily we overlook it when someone does that to us. Good episode, though not a lot of laughs.
  • Poor poor Sheldon and hilarious Amy!

    Sheldon gets his WoW-account hacked and sets out on a quest to find the one who did it. In the meantime Penny gets more and more annoyed with Priya and has a hilarious conversation with Amy and Bernadette. The absolute highlight of this episode was Amy, even though she only had about 5 minutes of screen time she still manages to make me laugh so hard! They writers should definetely use her more since her relationship with Penny just cracks me up! The short scene where Amy was drunk and confronted Priya was great!

    But moving on, overall, this episode was just above average and the really funny scenes involved either Penny, Amy or both. And yeah, I hope that Leonard dumps Priya real soon, she is really starting to annoy me...
  • Raj is hilarious, but it's episodes like these that remind me of what the show used to be before Amy.

    This episode is my final straw. I officially miss the days before Amy Farrah Fowler. I don't find her funny at all anymore; she seems to act merely as an excuse for Penny to have screen time when she isn't dating Leonard. But that's ridiculous. Penny is at her best when she is thrown in with the guys, especially Sheldon, so there is no need for Amy. If they need someone to say something insensitive or highly scientific, that's what Sheldon is for! Plus, before Amy, I feel like Howard and Raj had much more screen time. Considering Raj was the best part of this episode with his hilarious interactions with Leonard and his sister, it has become very evident to me that if Amy would just get out of the way, the main characters could retake the stage and the show could return to its former glory! So basically, I love this show, but I just wish that the Amy plotlines would stop distracting the characters from the main action.
  • 419

    Okay, lets face it: Big Bang Theory will most likely never be what it once was. But I'm beginning to appreciate the new style/angle. There has been a lot of changes this season: Big Bang Theory gained a female cast, Leonard & Penny are involved in a love triangle, and everything else is pretty much the same.

    Gaining a female cast has changed this show a lot. It opened up some possibilities for new story lines and formats. For instance: Splitting up the males from the females (not the best format for this show, but here it worked). I'm just getting used to what the show is now.

    We got a lot of funny lines, most of them coming from Amy (I don't care what anyone says, she's an awesome addition to the cast), and we just got some fun classic interactions between Penny and the rest of the gang. The only thing that's bugging me at this point is the ever so annoying Priya/Leonard/Penny love triangle, but that's about it. Good episode overall.
  • 3/31

    "The Zarnecki Incursion" is a rare break from the norm of The Big Bang Theory as it was actually a pretty funny episode of television. Amy had numerous funny lines and this was one of the rare episodes where the female-dominated scenes did not leave me shaking my head, like the current expression goes. I could have done without the painfully awkward, but not in the way they were intending, walk up the steps for Priya and Penny, but I digress.

    Seeing the gang drive all the way there only to back down because of a bigger geek was a nice moment though. If there is one thing this show does correctly it is that it knows its audience.
  • I love this episode

    I love this episode first it has some geek that stole Sheldon's stuff from the famous MMPORPG World of Warcaft and I love playing that game and here a like I like. Cop" The FBI doesn't have work in uh Pandora" Sheldon "That's from Avatar!" LOL Them I love the guy team up looking for the guy and Raj is funny with the whole idea of puting a theme into a Beyoce cd and them I love the scene where Penny kick the guy that stole Sheldon's stuff right in the Nads LOL and i good idea would of been that if the guy that stole the stuff would of been an evil little smart kid just saying
  • Leonard: Oh, geez, I - I don't know if I can ditch Priya two nights in a row. Raj: Oh, come on, man. Bros before... my sister.

    Soo, Leonard gets home and sees that "Sheldor of Azeroth" was robbed of everything he has. So the guys spend all nihgt trying to track down the hacker, while Pryia decides to leave. The next day at the cafeteria, Howard finds the hacker is a dude named Todd Zarnecki, and the guys decide to go visit him that day, but first, they watch Wheel Of Fortune at Wolowitz's.

    Then they go (with Ride of the Valkries as their chase theme), and when they reach the house, Sheldon attmepts to behead Todd with his Klingon Bat'leth, but the guys tell him not to and sheldon says he then feels silly of bringing it there. But Todd is big and refurses to eturn the stuff and takes the bet'leth. On their way back to Pasadena, the guys ran out of fuel and Penny has to pick 'em up cause Leonard told Pryia he was working late. Penny then goes to Todd's and gives him a groin attack, and he gives them back everything. At the begining there was a conversation with Penny, Bernie & Amy too (with Bernie saying "That Bit*h!")

    Title Reference: The hacker who stole everything form Sheldor - Todd Zarnecki

    Overall: It was a great episode with a cool story. It had great gags like the bat'leth, WoF, Legoland, "That Bit*h!" & Rihanna's Bootylicious Mix. 9.5/10.