The Big Bang Theory

Season 4 Episode 3

The Zazzy Substitution

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Oct 07, 2010 on CBS

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  • Crazy Cat Man

    It's been far too long since Sheldon's mother has made an appearance and it was just in time. I really enjoy Amy and Sheldon and while Sheldon with a bunch of kitty cats is entertaining, we need to move forward with his development and progression. It would be nice to focus less on Sheldon over all as well.
  • If you didn't like this episode, it's a Shamy.

    I think this episode is the best of the current season, but then I like cats, and unlike some, I've enjoyed the Sheldon-Amy arc. I would have been disappointed after last season's finale had they not explored the relationship between Sheldon and Yoko, I mean Amy.

    It's a mark of how (relatively) socialized Sheldon has become that he feels comfortable translating his friends' conversations and actions to Amy. From Amy, we get a better picture of what Sheldon may have been like when Leonard first moved in.

    Sheldon's interaction with the cats was delightful, despite the break in continuity. He seemed so fond of them that it seemed incongruous that he could part with all of them so readily.

    Laurie Metcalf, as always, was pure comedy gold. I sometimes wish that Sheldon had been raised in Arizona rather than Texas, since that would make it plausible to bring Ms. Metcalf in more often as a guest.

    I have to downgrade the episode somewhat because of the very poor continuity of this episode. Others have mentioned that Sheldon previously didn't like cats and was allergic to them. On top of that his mother had another brother ("Stumpy") that he was seemingly unaware of only last week. Furthermore, Sheldon couldn't even keep the names of his cats straight throughout the episode.

    Personally, I feel that ignoring continuity in an otherwise sharp show such as this is disrespectful to the most loyal fans. One of the delights of Seinfeld was the way that they would take some seemingly throw-away incident in one episode and have it suddenly play a prominent part in an episode weeks or months later. You can't do that sort of thing when you pay no attention to continuity.

    I'm also a little disappointed in the lack of growth in the other characters (well, I don't expect or want it from Wolowitz). There must be some level of familiarity with women that would allow Koothrappali to talk to them without drinking (after all, he talks to his mother without being drunk). I would expect that after this amount of time, he would at least be able to converse with Penny. The whispered remarks to Wolowitz are getting tiresome.

    Leonard seems to come to front and center only when he's in a relationship with a woman. Otherwise, he serves only to react to Sheldon. While I like him with Penny, his relationship with her should have boosted his confidence enough that he could be dating other women.
  • the best ep i have seen yet sheldon's character keeps growing to my liking ep by ep :)

    its amazing to see hoe comments and fact stating that started out to be annoying have now become the prime of any's like waiting for a gift to be unwrapped...sheldo'n interaction with the rest of the characters has been ivolving into a key factor that runs the laughter and ties the climax of the ep theme.
    very well performed :)

    sheldon has topped the character liking hierarchy, holowitz seconds and raj 3rd'z although he says a few but those few words are just straight to the laughing nerve...

    looking forward for more great ep's ahead

    keep smiling everyone more entertainment coming up
  • 403

    Great episode of Big Bang Theory even though I did think it was vastly overrated considering I have seen way better episodes that haven't been rated as high as this episode. Sheldon & Amy, I think I agree with the group on this one, I don't really like them together. I mean at first, the idea of Sheldon having a girlfriend was interesting, but technically they're just friends, and tonight they didn't bring much laughs.

    Sheldon's mom was pretty funny and everyone else was their usual selves. Leonard was quite annoying in this installment, but really, what else is new? Looking forward to the development between Shamy, but I hope they don't get that much air time. Because if this episode proves anything, it proves that Shamy isn't funny, interesting yes, but that's it.
  • Sheldon: Here's your cat......& here's your $20.

    Another singular-plot episode. But this one isn't as good. So noone stands Amy, but as Sheldon says he had to stand Penny as Leonards GF, they have to stand Amy, so the guys begin to hang out at Penny's. But the next day at Caltec, Amy critzices Shelly's work so they "break-up". Shelly is devasteted but won't admit it, so he just compensates buy buying a "clowder" of cats. But then Leonard tries to help and brings Mary, Shel's mom. She uses reverse psychology to get Shamy reunited (and make Leonard bring the food). The episode ends with Sheldon and Amy in a stand with the sign "Cats $20", were each kid gets a cat and 20 bucks.

    Title Reference: One of Sheldon's cats: Zazzles, is very "zazzy" acording to Sheldon.

    Overall: It was good, I really loved the ending. there were some other great jokes, like Raj's offscreen Bollywood dancing. 8.5/10.
  • 403

    The first bad episode of The Big Bang Theory this season. I guess bad is not the right word, but I was just not in love with it a lot of the content here tonight. No real laugh out loud moments, and the bit with Sheldon liking cats was just creepy. Ignoring the fact that I cannot see him doing this, even after his relationship was terminated, it just was not funny. I am not always after realism in a comedy, but I am after humor and tonight's Big Bang Theory was pretty low on that. Mediocre episode of TBBT tonight.
  • Sheldon+cats=epic win

    This is one of my favorites of the season. The previous episode was good but a lot of people hated it because it was so "Sheldon-centric." When Sheldon and Amy "break up," Sheldon decides to replace her with all these cats and they all have Jewish scientists names. The other three guys don't know what to do about it but Leonard decides to call on Mrs. Cooper and all it takes is a little bit of her reverse psychology. My favorite parts are when Sheldon opens the can of Fancy Feast cat food and comments on how it's not fancy at all, and the end when Sheldon & Amy are "selling" the cats--by paying people 20 dollars to take them. All in all, a solid funny episode and I was happy to see the return of Sheldon's mom. I hope the rest of the season stays like this so everyone is happy,
  • I liked..didn't love.

    As much as I love the show I didn't feel immediately drawn to this episode. It was different but as someone said earlier they seemed to have cheated this one a bit as far as continuity is concerned. It doesn't bother me about these small little things. I figure if a show makes you laugh and entertains you for the small amount of 30 minutes (and beyond at times), its done its job. I did laugh and enjoy but was bothered a little by the roommate agreement breach that Sheldon committed. I know he is the deal breaker but he is also unable to lie so when Leonard brought up Sheldon's allergies of cats, he didn't flinch back then, so it was either forgotten by the writers (which can happen since it was 3 yrs ago) or that Sheldon is better at lying than we thought. But we as the audience are not dumb enough to forget things like this. I just hope tptb is aware of that. I always love a Sheldon-centric episode but I share with others that we don't want too much so quickly or it will become tiring.
  • The good old Big Bang Theory is back!

    As several people here, I was only half-pleased with the previous 2 episodes: too much Sheldon and fart/sex jokes that didn't suit the more elaborate humor of the show (though pretty funny on the first watch, I have to admit). Fortunately, this episode brings back the absurd-geeky humor that makes me love this show so much.

    The opening "Counterfactual" game was hilarious, especially with Leonard trying to make a joke wich of course had no effect on the weirdos couple.

    Other things I really liked in this episode: Raj's childish words for toilet activities as well as him being obnoxious was again when drunk, Howards' "Bombay dance", Sheldon naming his cats after members of the Manhattan project, Sheldon's mom showing how manipulative she can be (well, I may actually think that's a feminine skill), the reconciliation of the Shamy, and finally the cats "sale".

    I was a little worried that having a 2nd Sheldon with his feminine counterpart would definitely cannibalize the others' role (ie all about Sheldon I and Sheldon II) but their duet proves to work pretty well, especially when interacting with the team.

    I hope the rest of the season will keep on that way and won't fall again in the easy jokes pit...