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  • Season 6 Episode 1: The Date Night Variable

  • Continuity: At the end of this episode, Raj says that he puts liquor in his dog's water bowl and that he (the dog) is "an angry drunk". However, when he is given the dog by Howard and Bernadette at the end of season 5, they explain that the dog is a female.

  • Goof
    Judging from the laptop computer Howard uses, he is not on the International Space Station nor even in space as in real life the only models currently in use there are the IBM Thinkpad A31p and the Lenovo Thinkpad T61p, and the laptop used in the episode is clearly neither. No other models, except for three older IBM Thinkpad models no longer in use, have been certified by NASA for operating in space.

  • Season 5 Episode 24: The Countdown Reflection

  • Music: Movement 1 (Allegro) of Concerto No. 1 in E major, Op. 8, RV 269, "La primavera" (Spring) from Antonio Vivaldi's The Four Seasons.

  • In the previous episode, it was announced that the launch was being moved up to a Friday, two days before the couple were being married on the following Sunday. In this episode the launch was on a different day (Sunday), and they decided they could get married that morning.

  • Season 5 Episode 23: The Launch Acceleration

  • Amy's Star Trek original series costume was a very close replica, but not exact. The fabric near the neck of her costume was pleated, while the the original series costume had smooth fabric. Also, her costume had a red cross inside the Starfleet delta; the real costume's delta had a black circle crossed by an oval, which was used for both the Science and Medical departments (see Spock's and McCoy's uniforms).

  • Season 5 Episode 21: The Hawking Excitation

  • In "The Agreement Dissection", Howard recalls that he said to Sheldon (in Stephen Hawking's voice), "I wish to discuss your theories of black holes". Meet me at the Randy's Donutsby the airport at 2:00 a.m." In the episode of this article, Hawking tells Sheldon, "Your thesis that the Higgs boson is a black hole accelerating backwards through time is fascinating."

  • Howard states in this episode that he owns only one belt. However, throughout the series he has been seen with a number of different belts, including piano keys, studs, and various other designs, as well as simple belts of various colors.

  • Season 5 Episode 16: The Vacation Solution

  • The music is playing, Leonard is singing, Sheldon pops up out of the backseat, and in a nut shell tells him to turn down the music, and the music turns off without Leonard taking his hands off the wheel.

  • It seem unusual that when Sheldon accidently cut his thumb while cutting part of the brain he did not say ouch and it also look as though he didn't feel anything when his thumb got cut.

  • Amy directs Sheldon to wash "beakers" in her lab, but on the tray she motions towards only one item on the tray is a beaker; the rest are flasks.

  • Season 5 Episode 15: The Friendship Contraction

  • When Raj suggest that Howard take the nickname Buzz but he tells him that it's already taken and Raj thinks that it's a reference to Buzz lightyear from the movie Toy Story but it's actually a reference from the astronaut Buzz Aldrin.

  • In "The Russian Rocket Reaction", Sheldon revealed that he started his list of mortal enemies in the year 1989, when he was 9 years old. This means that he was born in 1980, between April and May according to "The Peanut Reaction", which would mean that in February 2012, he would be 31 years old. However, in this episode, Leonard described Sheldon as a "30-year-old man who can't survive on his own". Yet, this can be overlooked, as it appears that Leonard was just being imprecise.

  • During the power failure, Sheldon claims to have "all 61 episodes of the BBC series Red Dwarf" and holds up a DVD box-set. As of this episode airing, including the 2009 mini-series, there are only 55 episodes of Red Dwarf.

  • Season 5 Episode 14: The Beta Test Initiation

  • Goof: When Penny and Leonard are at the gun range, Leonard shoots himself in the foot. On a 9mm pistol, the safety is off when the safety switch is facing horizontal along with the barrel of the weapon. The safety was never taken off, indicated by the red dot that is shown once the safety is off.

  • As indicated by the music in the background, the episode of Doctor Who being watched by Leonard, Sheldon, Penny, and Amy is "Silence in the Library".

  • When Leonard returns from a date with Penny and interrupts Sheldon's taping, the wide shot shows him closing the door behind him. After Sheldon says "Take 47" and the view cuts back to a close-up of Leonard, the door is now partially open.

  • During Sheldon's Fun with Flags segments, you can see the apartment flag from "The Staircase Implementation" behind him.

  • Season 5 Episode 13: The Recombination Hypothesis

  • The opening scene is nearly identical to the opening scene of the pilot episode: Leonard and Sheldon arrive at their apartment and spot Penny doing something in her apartment through her open door, and Leonard goes to talk to her. The characters are even dressed similarly, with Leonard wearing a crimson shirt with a hoodie and Sheldon in a superhero T-shirt and checked pants, and Penny wearing the exact same shirt she wore in the pilot.

  • Season 5 Episode 12: The Shiny Trinket Maneuver

  • When the guys are playing Jenga, Raj makes his move twice.

  • Bernadette says that her mother worked full time and that she had to look after her brothers, and that is why she hates kids. Yet in the episode "The Einstein Approximation" she says that her mother ran an illegal daycare, something she couldn't do if she worked fulltime.

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