The Big Blue Marble - Season 1

(ended 1983)


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  • PROGRAM #009
    PROGRAM #009
    Episode 9
    Four segments: Missouri–The Mississippi river plays host to rafting just like in Huck Finn's day. Illinois–Michelle Emerson is a hockey player on the Shields, an all boy team. Spain–Manual (12) attends an all inclusive school, Baldeon. Dear Pen Pal
  • PROGRAM #008
    PROGRAM #008
    Episode 8
    Four segments: Austria–The story follows Fritz and his two friends at the ski gymnasium in Austria. They practice and compete. Texas–The Kimbro family are all rodeo champs. Follow them through practice and competition. India–A twelve-year-old has to leave school to work in a diamond shop with his father. Dear Pen Palmoreless
  • PROGRAM #007
    PROGRAM #007
    Episode 7
    Four segments: South Dakota–Cindy investigates Bigfoot for her school newspaper. France–Hugo Perrier plays basketball, on skates. His exhibition games entertain disabled children. Bhutan–Follow the daily life of monks in training. Dear Pen Pal
  • PROGRAM # 006
    PROGRAM # 006
    Episode 6
    Three segments: Switzerland–Andreus and his father train rescue dogs. A dramatized rescue is portrayed. New York and New Jersey–Tisha Campbell (8) wants to be in show business. She trains her voice and body, and she performs at a jazz concert. Japan–A boy studies the ancient martial art, Keno.
  • PROGRAM #005
    PROGRAM #005
    Episode 5
    Three segments: Cayman Islands–A fifteen-year-old scuba diver explores the ocean. Morocco–Ali (13) envies his friend's lutar, so he devises ways to earn money to buy one of his own. Dear Pen Pal
  • PROGRAM #004
    PROGRAM #004
    Episode 4
    Three Segments: Uruguay–A boy on a ranch learns from a leading gaucho rodeo presenter. Pennsylvania–Mary Ellen Ronco trains her horse at the National Horse Show. Belgium–Yvan Janssen works with the blind, creating games and translating books into braille.
  • PROGRAM #003
    PROGRAM #003
    Episode 3
    Three Segments: China–The Chinese Opera provides one young lady with extensive voice lessons and physical training. Illinois–James Edwards, a teenager convicted of theft, is locked up. However, he's getting training in the skills he will need when he gets out. Dear Pen Pal
  • PROGRAM #002
    PROGRAM #002
    Episode 2
    Four segments: Hawaii–Join Keith as learns about surfing and meets a champion surfer. Italy–Maura travels to Italy to visit and family and learn about the culture and history of Sardenia. USA–Jack Gilford sings "Hello in There." Dear Pen Pal
  • PROGRAM #001
    PROGRAM #001
    Episode 1
    Three Segments: Columbia–A boy who is entrusted to look after animals and stop poaching rescues a dolphin and an anaconda. Alabama–A fourteen-year-old banjo player travels across the country to fulfill her dream of being a country star. Dear Pen Pal
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