The Big C

Season 1 Episode 5

Blue-Eyed Iris

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Sep 20, 2010 on Showtime

Episode Recap

In a garden centre, Cathy looks for Wild Blue Iris bulbs, but she puts them away and takes the blooming Blue Iris instead. When Cathy is next in line to pay her flowers, another woman cuts in line. The woman explains she's pressed for time, but Cathy wins the argument when she tells her she is pressed for time too because she has cancer and wants to plant her irises before she dies.

Cathy comes home and calls for Adam to help her unload the car. There is loud music coming from his room so she goes upstairs and enters his room. She finds him watching porn on his laptop and he shouts at her to leave. Outside, she takes a few breaths, then she enters again, switches off the music and confronts him and offers to talk about it. She opens his laptop and starts the porn again. Her comments embarrass her son who asks her to leave her alone. But she answers she can't because he would sit in his room and watch porn all day which is not appropiate for children and Adam screams at her he is not a child anymore and storms out of the room.

That night, Cathy meets Paul in a restaurant. She tells him she caught Adam watching porn and fears Adam is getting a little obsessed telling from his recent browser history. Paul doesn't share Cathy's fears, but tells her the larger issue is that she watched porn with their son, but always refused to watch porn with him because she is not a fan of a genre that objectifies and degrades women. He goes on that there are women that might enjoy occasionally being seen as sexual objects, but adds that he honors Cathy's nature not to be in the center of attention. She asks him where that comes from. His therapist Angela told him that Cathy and he are drown together as a couple because they are such opposites in that way, but Cathy replies that they don't work well together and that's why they live apart.

The next day, Sean pays Cathy a surprise visit while she is planting the irises. The building Sean squats in is about to be demolished, but Sean was not allowed to enter the municipal center to reason with the responsible about the demolition. Sean believes he found something in the budget plan that would save the building and asks Cathy to copy some papers and asks if he can borrow one of Paul's suits so they will let him enter the office. Adam walks past them and says hello to Sean, but ignores Cathy.

She follows Adam, knocks on his room, apologizes for her behavior the previous day and gives him condoms. He assures her, he is not active yet which relieves Cathy, but she takes the opportunity to talk to him about girls. She advices him to make girls feel special and to notice them because women like attention. Before she leaves, she asks him whenever he is on a first date which goes really well to wait having sex because a woman likes to feel that she is worth waiting for.

At school, Cathy finds Andrea flirting with a guy who is painting a mural. At home, Her neighbor Marlene discovers Sean dressed in one of Paul's suits taking stuff from Cathy's house. Assuming she deals with a burglar, she follows him back into Cathy's house where she holds him at gunpoint. He explains that he is Cathy's brother and was not stealing but collecting Cathy's recycling. Marlene wants Sean to prove his identity, but he has destroyed all forms of personal I.D., but convinces Marlene when he gives her some intel about his sister. Marlene notices that the suit is too big for Sean. She puts his arms around his waist and asks him to follow her to her house.

At school, Cathy asks her students to read a pamphlet about safe sex and to write an essay why teenage pregnancy is a bad idea. While Cathy's students start working, the mural painter knocks on the door and asks Cathy if she wants a crack in the wall to be fixed and adds that he likes the skirt she is wearing. Back at her desk, Cathy uses her laptop to find a porn and starts secretly watching it when Andrea interrupts her. Andrea reminds Cathy of their agreement where Cathy pays Andrea money for every pound she loses and tells Cathy that she believes she lost a lot of weight that week because she found a motivation at which she looks at the mural painting. Before Andrea goes back to her seat, she advices Cathy to put off her glasses before she starts watching that porn again.

At Marlene's house, she gives Sean one of her late husband's suits which fits perfectly and he invites her to dance.

Later that day, Cathy has her bikini zone waxed and Paul meets Adam for lunch outside.

Cathy meets Sean with the copies she made for him outside the municipal center and is surprised to see him in Eddie's suit and asks him where he got it. He tells her about Marlene and notices that Cathy walks funny and learns that his sister had her bikini zone waxed. Cathy reveals that it makes her feel powerful and that she kind of wants to show it off.

Back at class, Cathy notices that the mural painter already fixed the crack in the wall. She takes secretly off her briefs and shows the painter who is back working on the mural her newly waxed bikini zone.

At the office, Sean tries to get an appointment to talk about the demolition, but the desk clerk turns him down whereupon Sean raises his voice to tell everyone in that room that this office won't listen to his constituents and that he has a right to be heard. He smashes the clerk's telefon and tries to get away before the cops can get to him.

Paul watches his buddies play rugby from his car when Tina notices him. She tells him she likes his pirate look with the eye patch. When the game starts, she suggests to drive away to have fun on their own.

At school, the mural painter approaches Cathy and they start kissing. He asks her if she is sure she wants to do that and then they have sex.
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