The Big C

Season 1 Episode 5

Blue-Eyed Iris

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Sep 20, 2010 on Showtime

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  • An aimless episode with some good acting

    So far, I've enjoyed The Big C for what it is: an entertaining, if not re-treaded Showtime comedy that follows the same format as three other shows on the network. You take a female lead, give them quirkiness, a quick wit and perhaps a dysfunctional family and BAM! You have a new Showtime comedy. The Big C felt stale for me at first, but I'm really starting to come around to these characters. This episode wasn't necessarily the greatest, but it featured another incredible performance by Laura Linney and a couple of great scenes.

    The episode basically revolved around two specific events: Cathy catches her son watching porn and gives him one of the most awkward and hilarious "mother-to-son" speeches I've seen on TV. Her son's face as she sat there and watched the porn with him was priceless. The episode also revolved somewhat around Sean's attempt to save the building he squats in at night. Sean's always a good source for laughs and it was great to watch him dancing with Marlene and giving his big speech at the office building near the end of the episode. Cathy also met a janitor/painter at her school (played by Idris Elba) who she has sleeps with to feel sexy again, sort of like.. uhh, the women in her son's porn videos. It was interesting how the plot went from Point A to Point B and the episode was certainly funny.

    That being said, for a 27 minute comedy, besides the things I mentioned, nothing happened. Sure, there were some developments, but at the same time, it felt like the show dragged out some of the moments. But these are minor gripes. The show does a great job of showing a woman who's not letting her cancer control her life. I'm interested to see how her relationship with Elba's character grows throughout the show. Hopefully next week will flesh it out a bit more and also let us know what happens with Sean.