The Big C

Season 3 Episode 10

Fly Away

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Jun 17, 2012 on Showtime
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    The Big C's Season 3 Finale Sets Sail for Open Water

    In a sense, "Fly Away" altered the basic fabric of The Big C’s mythology, but if it ultimately becomes the series' final episode, it will be an acceptable conclusion.

  • Episode Summary

    Season Finale; Cathy has an interesting time with a strange man on a boat trip.

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    • Fly Away

      The last episode of season 3 could not be better! Perfect final! Cathy spent time with a man could not speak English. They both speak their own language and the interesting thing is she felt so in peace with him that the whole world did not matter to her anymore.

      She had a total dysfunction family include a husband that cares more for himself and his boss who passed than his wife.

      LOVE LOVE LOVE THE FINAL.Yeah!moreless
    • #310 'Fly Away'

      This was the worst episode of Big C I've ever seen. What the hell were the writers thinking? Cathy spent an entire episode on a boat with this Angel who listens to her life story and doesn't speak English. Paul flirts with some random lady in a pool bar and then accepts her invitation to go to her room. Andrea realizes that she is no longer to be called Ababu and Sean is there for a funny line. Nothing happened. End of a very mediocre season. I almost didn't recognize this show tonight. Yuck. (2.0/10)moreless
    • very bad ending

      I really wish i didnt watched the season now...
    • Very unexpected

      The end of the season was quiet, thoughtful, and unexpected as the boat ride Cathy found herself on. When I first saw the ending, I was shocked by the move but also inspired. It was such a discarding of everything, of her life, of Paul, of everything she has worked towards. But it's also incredible food for thought. Cathy stated in her monologues that she was never fully invested in her family life. It's such a depressing thought, but I'm sure it rings true for many. Cathy has a very weak love for others because she does not love herself. She does not know how. And like Adam said in the last episode--she is miserable. Watching her dive into the waters, so much bigger than her Minneapolis pool hole, was kind of beautiful.

      After that, however, I realized how selfish of a move it was, as well. Sean is going crazy looking for her, and I'm sure the rest of the family will be distressed. Paul will be out of his mind. But it's also just a pain for the people looking for her as well! That truly bugged me.

      However, as I thought more and more about the recent happenings, it also made sense. While *we* care about the characters more than we did when we met them in season one, they are still ridiculously selfish. While Cathy was unsupportive of Paul's career, Paul was pretty damn unsupportive of the adoption thing, too. I don't think Cathy was thinking about Paul caring for her because she hasn't seen it. The whole season he's been me-me-me, with the blogging and everything. She's been me-me-me as well, but from her point of view, she probably thinks he's just mad at her. And judging by his behavior this episode, he is. As for Adam, he's done nothing this season but push his mother away, and him telling her he was unconditionally living with Paul was probably the straw on the camel's back. I truly loved to see his moment of revelation as to how the mother wasn't getting any thanks in the situation. Now Sean is the big one, the most affected by the situation, but I think Cathy had a right to feel hurt by him, too. He abandoned her, and she didn't know how much he was panicking. And honestly, she's spent enough time babysitting him. I think there was something beautiful about her peace as she dwelt on the boat, feeling the ocean underneath her.

      If she really only has a year to live, then maybe this way really is better. She certainly doesn't want to live on being a burden to the people around her, who already seem to have little interest in what she's up to. Honestly, she's been taking care of them for 14 years but never felt it. It's been terrible for her. She doesn't want them to have to do that back to her and suffer the same. Paul already had a heart attack basically because of her! And Adam seems to have made peace with her going.

      In season four (I don't think we'll be getting one, but if we do), I would like to see her pick up Sean and leave. Eventually she will become disillusioned and then live the rest of her days quietly in Minneapolis, maybe swapping places with Adam. Cathy truly needs some quiet time, time to sit and think about her life and what she can do to make it right.moreless

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