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Happy Birthday Cancer

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    For her birthday, Paul surprises Cathy with a party just when Lenny has invited her to an art opening on the Bahamas. At the party, Cathy's brother begins a fling with Cathy's eccentric college friend Rebecca. Meanwhile, Adam picks up Marlene who is wandering around in the backyard.

    Cathy still hasn't told Paul she's sick and dying of cancer. That is starting to piss me off.

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    If you put it into perspective, considering the way Paul is, and has been acting, like an overgrown child - read very emotionally immature - and the fact that Cathy has very limited time left, it all starts to make sense. Cathy just know (see Sean's reaction)how everyone would start to cry and start grieving if she told them. This would make the little time she has left into a living hell for her and everyone she loves . . She just want to spend the time she has left fulfilling some wishes of her own, meanwhile trying to create some happy moments together with her family (bathtub race, dinner party)and giving advice / trying to proactively raise Adam so he will be better prepared for the future, because she might not be there to support him for much longer . .
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    Yes i agree = she wants to be what she views as free to live her life as long as possible without getting the pity glance and being treated like an ill person. She trusts Marlene because she can lean on her and it makes no difference to the way M treats her. Whereas Paul and Adam will make it all about them - which yeah it affects them but Cathy is the one who has to deal with it.
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