The Big C

Season 1 Episode 8

Happy Birthday, Cancer

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Oct 11, 2010 on Showtime



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    • Cathy: What's it feel like to be old, Marlene?
      Marlene: Feels like I'm wearing my skin like a sweater.

    • Cathy: (talking about Adam) Is he a good kid, Marlene? I just want him to be a good kid.
      Marlene: He's fine. You're the pain in the ass.

    • Paul: Thank you, Cathy, for being born. Since her birthday is in July, she's a cancer... a crab. And Cathy can be a little crabby at times, especially in the morning and whenever I chew my food. But underneath that sometimes hard exterior shell, there is a soft, warm, incredible person whom this big Taurus bull has been lucky to love and will continue to for the rest of our long lives. Happy birthday, my little cancer.
      Marlene: Well, ain't that a kick in the head.

    • Rebecca: I-I-I am so sorry we haven't been in touch. I-I can't even remember what our falling out was about. I'm... I'm sure it was my fault.
      Cathy: You didn't come to my wedding. You met that guy three days before and went camping. Wouldn't have been so bad if you weren't the maid of honor.

    • Cathy: (to Lenny) You're a bad idea with a good head on your shoulders.

    • Rebecca: You have so many friends here. It makes me feel bad. I don't know the people in your life anymore.
      Cathy: Oh, well, they're not friends the way we were friends. Coworkers of Paul's, a lot of parents of Adam's friends. I mean, Adam's unknowingly been choosing my friends since he was two.

    • Sean: (to Rebecca) Nice red leather shoes you're wearing. Tell me you enjoy thinking about the cow that was skinned to make them, or do you just block that part out for the sake of being fashion-forward?

    • Sean: Curse words were invented by people too stupid to think of an intelligent response.
      Rebecca: You should print that on a t-shirt.

    • Sean: Oh, you're a drug pusher.
      Rebecca: You do know me.
      Sean: Yeah, you're the reason nine-year-old girls are getting boobs.
      Rebecca: And the reason nine-year-old boys are thanking me.

    • Sean: What about you? Just getting old and angry, trying to squeeze into clothes meant for a woman half your age, but not willing to change your style until one of your one-night stands pays off?
      Rebecca: Oh, here's hoping.

    • Lenny: I like Paul.
      Cathy: He's very likable.
      Lenny: Yeah. He's funny, charming.
      Cathy: If you take Paul to the Bahamas, I'm gonna be very jealous.

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