The Big C

Season 2 Episode 2

Musical Chairs

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Jul 04, 2011 on Showtime

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  • Cathy meets the renowned Atticus Sherman, doctor and magician extraordinaire.

    For me, I've been pleasantly surprised by the improved quality of "The Big C's" second season. There wasn't anything necessarily wrong with the first season, but it felt like it had a few kinks to work out to truly reach its potential. The second season so far isn't perfect, but it is funner, contains better writing and is more enjoyable overall. And Laura Linney and Oliver Platt truly have incredible chemistry together.
    In this episode, we see Cathy meeting up with Atticus Sherman (played by Alan Alda, who really is a great character actor for television), who is distant and somewhat makes fun of Paul's weight. As it turns out, the special procedure that Atticus uses has a pretty good success rate, but it's also very difficult to get into. Cathy meets an older woman who says she's been a success story and gives Cathy her lucky coin. However, the tables turn and the woman dies, which gives Cathy the opportunity to take her place in the trial. Linney, for the second episode in a row, does a fantastic job. I see an emmy nomination in the near future for her.
    In other plots, we see Sean remaining bitter over Cathy's lies and also find him refusing to admit he's bipolar and needs medication. I think the writers did a good thing for Sean by getting him off the streets into a home and preparing to be a father. I'm still not exactly enamored by Cynthia Nixon's character, who's name I can't seem to remember. She's just loud and sometimes irritating. Sure, I love Nixon, but the show hasn't built her up enough for my liking.
    The wild card this season is Andrea , who Gabourey Sidibe plays. Last season, the show was completely hit or miss in using her. I want the writers to figure out what to do with her or just write her off. Also, Cathy's son gets quite the plot to deal with here in the form of cheating on his girlfriend.

    There were a lot of great comedic moments here: Alan Alda as an amateur magician, any scene with Oliver Platt and Sean's rants against Cathy. Let's hope Season 2 can keep up the quality.
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