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  • Until now she took it. Now its her turn.

    Great show that revolves around real issues and strong people, the kind that is always better then another crappy teen oriented drama. Laura Linney is awesome as Cathy. She has a terminal illness, so why not say the things she always wanted to say, do the things she always wanted to do. Don't we all want that? except in her case its because she literally has no time left, so she dishes out the pain, regardless of the consequence, to her immature husband, morbid son and annoying students.

    The relationship between Cathy and her student Andrea(Gabourey Sidibe) is also a high point. I also like how she takes control over her sons behavior. It was creepy but funny, seeing her in the bath of blood, and her sons reaction.

    This show has lots of potential.
  • Amazing!!!

    The writing, directing, acting... everything in this show is absolutely superb!!!

    I keep looking for a week spot in the show, but I seriously can't find one. Every episode is just that good.
    They have really managed to turn a serious condition, such as cancer, into a quite humorous show, without making it too goofy or too out there for people not to get invested in the story or the characters.

    I really hope that people aren't too damaged by the reality-TV crap that they miss out on a high quality show.

    If Laura Linney and Phyllis Somerville, not to mention the show itself, don't get nominated (at least!!!) for Emmys, the entire award loses all credability!!!
  • Thank you

    As a terminal patient, I want to say thank you for both myself and my family. This show helped my family to understand a little bit better and gave me the courage to do and say the things I only thought about. Thank you. Debra
  • Beautiful show. A tasty cake for a hungry viewer that appreciates good TV.

    Showtime still does it. It almost never lets me down with its new shows. I have not seen such a good pilot episode since Pushing Daisies in late 2007. This show has everything - comedy, dark humor, sadness, drama, great characters, amazing writers and even more amazing cast. Cathy is diagnosed with a dangerous melanoma and that changes her life. She says thing she would have never said before. Like the F word in church. She deals with her disease and refuses to announce it to her family. Her cranky neighbor Marlene helps her a little. Cathy's brother is a funny homeless man, her husband is kinda perv and son is just that "I don't get it" teenage jerk. I keep looking forward to seeing the 2nd season which premieres in less than a week! Yay!
  • i love this show

    this is an awesome show
  • Is It Wrong....

    despite loving this show, I really just do not like Cathy ? I kept thinking I'd like her more as the seasons went on but she just got more and more annoying. I feel like she would be a selfish, self-important person, even without having cancer. Great acting from all the cast tho.
  • About the series

    It had great acting for Laura Linney in season 4.
  • Big C? More like Big A!! (A as in Addicting)

    This show quickly became one of my favorite shows! the way it was put together, the story, I loved it all!
  • The Big C gets an "A+"

    I decided to watch the Pilot because of Laura Linney – only to be pleasantly surprised by the overall quality of the show. The writers found the perfect tone and, although the story is sad, you are left with an unexpectedly positive impression, which inspires you to reexamine your own life. Still, the biggest plus for me is the leading actress. Hers is a flawless performance, truly remarkable and if this was a movie, she would be holding an Oscar! So far, there was no gratuitous nudity or absurd storylines that often turn good shows into a circus. I really do hope they never, ever resort to that. I have high hopes for season two!