The Big C

Season 1 Episode 7

Two for the Road

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Oct 04, 2010 on Showtime

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  • What a copout!

    For the first 24 minutes, the episode was moving along at a perfect pace and it culminated in one of the shows most emotional moments. And then with just a minute left, the show had to go and ruin everything it had built up to. The episode focused mainly on Cathy and Sean, and we got some great scenes between them that helped us learn even more about them. However, the ending did nothing but irritate me and proved to me that the writers are trying to drag out Cathy's cancer for as long as they can.

    Cathy decides that she wants to visit her father and leaves her son at home with Paul. Sean goes with her to visit their father, and along the way, they have several discussions that are funny, poignant and ridiculous in a way that only Sean can influence. Sean also learns that Cathy is cheating on Paul with Lenny and he convinces her to go dumpster diving and eat a meal with him out of dumpster food.

    There were plenty of great lines throughout, and seeing Brian Cox as their father was an interesting twist. I felt as if they tried to hard to make him a bad father, and it's hard to believe that Cathy would ever want to visit the man, especially seeing how awful he was. Either way, it all lead to the best moment of the episode, maybe of the season. Catchy admits to Sean that she has cancer. Sean reacts by sobbing and claiming he has nobody left after her. However, she tells him she's joking as revenge for the joke he played on her earlier. Sure, it fits with what happened in the episode, but having Cathy admit she was joking was an awful way to drag this whole ordeal out. Everything leading up to it was great, and that one moment ruined it for me.

    The show is funny and has truly emotional moments, but I really hope there's not too much more of this ridiculous stretching things out.
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