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  • Just Clowntastic!

    I grew up watching this show! So amazing! The characters are awesome! Love Loonette and Molly! The segments were amazing and great life lessons through songs!
  • A guilty pleasure I hope never to lose!

    As a little girl, the main attraction to the show was, firstly, the theme song - which I liked and was bored by all at once. The second and better one was Molly, a doll who could move, think, and communicate. As I got older, I recognized a certain appeal about Loonette, too - not in a gross way, but in a "I can relate to this cheerful, optimistic person!" way. She was funny, cute, smart, and cared about her aunt, grandmother, doll, even the postman! (He's my current reason to watch the show - he's cute!)

    Um. *Clears throat* ... The show teaches lessons that are important - not just the sharing, caring, loving, listening lessons, but also, it teaches the alphabet, and includes dancing and cleaning up and even sharing and caring with/about others in its fun. The show balances out the "let's teach these kids a few basics!" aspect by making everything they do a lot of fun, even stretching, cleaning, and behaving, which is not an easy feat. Loonette cares for her doll like she's a younger child, and while you never see Loonette's parents, you do get the feeling that Granny Garbanzo and Auntie Macassar and even Major Bedhead, the mailman, care about her and will help her in any way they can.

    The show approaches all subjects with a cheerful positivity that makes the lessons fun and even invisible, in a good and subtle but still-there way, and when it comes time for a listening ear and some sensitive understanding when someone feels left out, ignored, or totally neglected, the show deals with it in a great way.

    I watch this and I'm proud of it - and anyone looking for a fun, educational, and interesting show should turn to the Big Comfy Couch for a relaxing fix.
  • comfy couch lover

    this my show when i was lil i miss it
  • OH NO!!!! HEAT 12!!!! THE NUMBER ON THE CLOCK!!!!!

    D'Oh! As Homer Simpson would say. There's nothing great or cool about this show! And there's certainly nothing to love about it. At least not in my opinion! Why? Well, who in their right mind would wanna see and hear some girl dressed up in clown tight clothing and doing a workout on a clock mat? Yes, I am serious. In fact, it was not even a workout! It sure didn't look like one to me. And that annoying music playing while she was on the mat! So very very very bad. If I had to watch this show or get punched in the face, I would have to take the punch in the face instead of having to watch even 5 minutes of this show! Yes, I mean it.
  • I Love This Show!

    I loved this show when I was a kid. I still love it. I used to try to be a clock like Loonette all the time. I never exceded with it but thats ok with me all right. I love Molly. I also liked when Loonette clapped so that the lights would go on and off!!
  • This show is about a clown and her dolly that spend their day on a big comfy couch and visiting Granny Garbonzo. It is a great learning show for all young kids!!

    My 2 youngest daughters absolutely love this show. My husband’s oldest daughter watched it when she was younger and has the entire 18” doll set. My husband recorded it for me and I fell in love. Now my 2 youngest girls, 2 and 3, watch it and ask for us to replay it over and over again!! It is a great learning show and is definitely beneficial to all young kids!! My daughters have learned to share, sleep, EXERCISE, by doing the clock stretch, which they do every day even if they aren’t watching "Big Comfy Couch". I rate this kid show #1!! It is FABULOUS!!
  • Absolutely loved this as a kid.

    This was one of my favorites as a child. I would get on the floor and do the get ready clock- thing with Loonette,I would sing along with every song, and I would never be deisappointed. A large part of that may be because I was young, but I'd like to think I would still love it now. I got a Loonette doll, Molly doll, and the dust bunnies for Easter one year and the dolls were with me everywhere. This show is a very good shows for kids and If you have a child, try to get them into this show. I promise you won't regret it and neither will they.
  • no tey dit nt

    it is repulsive that the so called "man" took this t.v. show off the air i remember waking up and watching this every saturday in my footsy pjs. They had nooooo right 2 do tat someone should write a letter 2 tem 2 put it bak on the air tis show waz all tat and some wen i was little...and its also ridiciouls tat they r making u write a 100 word minium so im just gonna repeat... re re re re re re re re re re re re re re re re re re re re re peat..thanks and good-bye =)
  • you should put this show back on the T.V.

    hello. i loved the show the big comfy couch when i was a little girl. i would LOVE for this show to come back, with the same people and everything. i miss this show so much and i think you guys should put it back on air. it would be quite amazing. i have been trying to go to google and find the old shows but it doesnt show it. i want to watch that show again very badly. i no im 14 years old but i love that show alot. but i think it would be awsome if that show was on air again. i would appriciate it very much. =]
  • This is a classic I used to watch this show on channel 13 and Channel 21 . What an amazing show my fav characters are Luntett Molly Major Bedhead Auntie Macaster Granny Garbanzo Snicklerfritz The Dust Bunni

    What a classic T.V. Show this an old school classic that many of my friends on youtube have chanel's dedicated to this show. It was one of my favorite show's, many people should rember this show for teaching us manners , respect and knowledge. I personally loved when Lunteet did her famous cloock-sktrech . I used to do that too . I also liked the way Molly used to think, The way that the Folewy family used to live in Lunteet's doll house ,since the dust bunnies lived under the couch. Everytime that Lutneet used to read the storie's I liked her glasses.
  • I grew up with this show "The Big Comfy Couch" used to be my weakness. It's to bad they canceled it.

    I loved all of the characters especially Granny & Major Bed Head. I used to record this show but every single episode except a couple all corroded. Now thats the problem with VHS tapes they corrode I can't wait till they recall them. So I give this show two thumbs up. I liked the episode with that cat and the big pill he had to take and they was the funniest episode I have ever saw. So I just wish their was some place to buy seasons of "The Big Comfy Couch" on the Internet. So long live this show LOL.
  • A Great Show for kids as well as adults.

    My daughter loves this show! Everyday she wakes up asking for Molly and The Big Comfy Couch. It's amazing to see her face light up to such a positive up lifting show for children. (I notice there's a new Loonette the Clown in the newer shows.) Even so my duaghter likes The Big Comfy Couch with or with out the new Loonette, and so do I.
  • i loved this show when i was very little!

    OMG! This show was really great! I used to love it when I was little! It's is about a clown named Lunette and her doll, Molly. like in the song "Lunette and molly! A clown and her dolly! In the big Comfy Couch!"
    This show was really great! I used to love that exercise she did with the clock carpet thingy! i used to do it with her! And they're was also Major bed head and aunt whatshername. i forgot her nme. Lol! Oooh and they're was also that cat! Ohhh i just loved this show! Gooooo Big Comfy Couch!
  • I loved this show when i was a little girl. It was a childhood fave of mine

    I loved this show. My mom said that this was the first show where i laughed for the first time at the tv. I just really loved it because i thought it was funny. Even sence I am a tennager this show will always be very special to me because i grew up with this show.
  • I've always loved this show!

    This show is great!I don't think there could of been a better learning show!I used to watch it every day!It was more of a comfy couch than a big couch.Molly is so cute,Like puppy dog cute though.
    I'm kind of out of words it's so amazing sorry it's so short.
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