The Big Comfy Couch

YTV (ended 2003)


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  • A guilty pleasure I hope never to lose!

    As a little girl, the main attraction to the show was, firstly, the theme song - which I liked and was bored by all at once. The second and better one was Molly, a doll who could move, think, and communicate. As I got older, I recognized a certain appeal about Loonette, too - not in a gross way, but in a "I can relate to this cheerful, optimistic person!" way. She was funny, cute, smart, and cared about her aunt, grandmother, doll, even the postman! (He's my current reason to watch the show - he's cute!)

    Um. *Clears throat* ... The show teaches lessons that are important - not just the sharing, caring, loving, listening lessons, but also, it teaches the alphabet, and includes dancing and cleaning up and even sharing and caring with/about others in its fun. The show balances out the "let's teach these kids a few basics!" aspect by making everything they do a lot of fun, even stretching, cleaning, and behaving, which is not an easy feat. Loonette cares for her doll like she's a younger child, and while you never see Loonette's parents, you do get the feeling that Granny Garbanzo and Auntie Macassar and even Major Bedhead, the mailman, care about her and will help her in any way they can.

    The show approaches all subjects with a cheerful positivity that makes the lessons fun and even invisible, in a good and subtle but still-there way, and when it comes time for a listening ear and some sensitive understanding when someone feels left out, ignored, or totally neglected, the show deals with it in a great way.

    I watch this and I'm proud of it - and anyone looking for a fun, educational, and interesting show should turn to the Big Comfy Couch for a relaxing fix.