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Corrrect episode order plus missing episode

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    [1]Dec 26, 2005
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    I wonder why they change the airing order from the production order, but here's the order according to the US Copyright office. Plus it's the order the series
    was aired in Germany and Denmark too.

    Also, it seems episode 1x21, One Little Indian never aired in the US.

    1x01 Pilot
    1x02 Murder in Mind
    1x03 Driving Miss Money
    1x04 Cinderfella
    1x05 A Dead Man Is Hard to Find
    1x06 Hotshot
    1x07 Stodermayer
    1x08 The Gambler
    1x09 Crawdaddy
    1x10 Love Doctor
    1x11 Voodoo You Do
    1x12 Snake Dance
    1x13 Big Life
    1x14 Master of Illusion
    1x15 Long & Short
    1x16 Lafitte Don't Fail Me Now
    1x17 Don't Shoot the Piano Player
    1x18 Ghost of Prickly Rose
    1x19 Gatoraide
    1x20 Vamps Like Us
    1x21 One Little Indian
    1x22 The Fabulous Bill Brothers

    Season 2
    2x01 A Streetcar with Desire
    2x02 Heavenly Body
    2x03 Moscow on the Mississippi
    2x04 Platinum Blond
    2x05 Yellow Queen in the Fires of Hell
    2x06 Night Music
    2x07 A Perfect Day for Buffalo Fish
    2x08 The Gospel According to McSwain
    2x09 Son o' McSwain
    2x10 Begirled
    2x11 End of the World
    2x12 Shrimp Stew
    2x13 The Black Bag

    Someone has entered a Big Easy TV movie on IMDB - as far as I can figure, what
    they have entered is the episode Moscow on the Mississppi.
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    Does the website for the US Copyright Office have the original airdate order for most US TV series?
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    Bring back the episode numbers!

    Whose (not so) bright idea was it to remove the Episode numbers for all the shows? Very nice that you list them as "Season 3, Episode 4", for example, but how about bringing back the OVERALL episode number for each Episode, regardless of season #. That was an EXTREMELY useful feature, and now its just vanished without a trace.

    Bring it back!

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