The Big Gay Sketch Show

Season 1 Episode 1

Episode 1

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Apr 24, 2007 on LOGO
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Episode 1
Pocket Gay toy (Guarino); News segment report on a "Bear" (Serrato) in the Burbs; Chad Michael and Michael Chad (McGovern, Guarino) of Logo Life Tips teach you how to make your own ice; When I Knew segments, featuring the cast reflecting on when they knew they were gay; Political Project Runway; LOGO at Nite presents The Honeymooners (gay parody with Rhonda and Alice Kramden); Elaine Stritch (Paone) works as a Wal-Mart greeter.moreless

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  • This episode was Hilarious! the 3 things that threw me though, were the first 2 sketches: Pocket Gay and Bear in the burbs plus finding out this was actually meant to be the 4th episode. i have to say the original 1st episode, the 2nd episode, withmoreless

    "The Facts of Life" parody at the beggining was a better way to start the series. all in all though, this was a good episode with The Honeymooners parody, Elaine Strich as a wal-mart greeter, Political Project Runway with Abraham Lincoln and logo life tips with Chad Michael and Michael Chad. i give it a 9.9
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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • "The Pocket Gay sketch featured in this episode was mentioned on the April 24, 2007 episode of E!'s clip show, The Soup. In that episode, host Joel McHale cited the similarity between TBGSS sketch "The Pocket Gay to The Soup's reccuring character, "Little Gay (which had debuted a year prior) and jokingly threatened a lawsuit.

  • QUOTES (14)

    • Female Wal-Mart Greeter: Elaine, can you please not treat the customers so rough?
      Elaine Stritch: The audience gets the show they deserve.

    • Elaine Stritch: What's your next line?
      Female Customer: Where are the batteries?
      Elaine Stritch: Good. How'd that feel?
      Ed: Uh, they're in the hardware section, aisle 20.
      Female Customer: Thanks.
      Elaine Stritch: Go pick yourself up a pair of pantyhose and some heels. Don't hide your light under a bushel, you're not doing anybody any favors!

    • Elaine Stritch: How are you today?
      Female Customer: We're fine.
      Elaine Stritch: WRONG! Go out and come back in again. I don't believe you.
      Female Customer: You want me to go out of the store and come back in again?
      Elaine Stritch: Yeah. Is there an echo in here? Once more and sell it to the back row! WRONG! Do it again!

    • Female Wal-Mart Greeter: How about just try, um, "How are you today?"
      Elaine Stritch: Love it. What's my motivation?
      Female Wal-Mart Greeter: Your motivation?
      Elaine Stritch: Yeah. "How are you today?" AHH! That was crap! That was awful! I didn't even buy it myself. You see, I got a built-in B.S. detector.

    • Female Wal-Mart Greeter: Ed, this is Elaine Stitch. It's her first day as a... it's her first day as a Wal-Mart greeter.
      Elaine Stritch: WRONG! It's Elaine Stritch. Or "STRITCHER!," as Noel Coward used to say.

    • Erica Ash: I knew I was gay when I fell in love with the gym teacher.
      Nicol Paone: I knew I was gay after I went to my first Lilith Fair concert.
      Erica: I love being gay.
      Nicol: Oh yeah, being gay's a totally valid lifestyle.
      (Erica and Nicol lean in to kiss each other)
      Erica: I'm sorry. I'm so not gay.
      Nicol: And I'm even less gay than she is.
      Erica: It's in my contract, I don't kiss other women.
      Nicol: And I don't kiss black people.

    • Kate McKinnon: I knew I was gay when I would stay up and watch Saturday Night Live, put on a wifebeater and lift weights.

      Also, I'd masturbate to Gillian Anderson in The X-Files. ...That's when my mom found out.

    • Jonny McGovern: I knew I was gay when everyone at school was beating me up and calling me gay. They beat the crap out of me. That's when I knew.

    • Rhonda: Norton!
      Norton: Rhonda! Oh, I got that TV you wanted. Boy, I never seen one before. I never knew something existed like that! Oh boy, I am a changed man though.
      Rhonda Kramden: Well, let's see it.
      Norton: Okay, Rhonda Kramden, meet your new Black & White TV!
      Transvestite: Hello.
      Rhonda: Hey, she's perfect!
      Norton: You're telling me. I was up all night staring at her.
      Rhonda: Hey, back off, Norton! She's for Alice. You're already sleeping with all those guys in the sewer.
      (Alice enters)
      Alice: Oh, Hiya Norton. Well, what the f@#k is that?
      Rhonda: Alice, I got you that Black & White TV that you wanted. And look, she even has rabbit ears.
      Alice: I wanted a television, not a transvestite. A television!

    • Rhonda Kramden: Don't start with me, Alice. I'm just here to get my bowling ball.
      Alice: Well, why don't I go with you? You never take me anywhere, Rhonda Kramden.
      Rhonda: Alice, you know we can't be seen together. Someone at the bowling alley might think I'm a lesbian.
      Alice: Oh yeah. Well, if that's what you're worried about then I suggest you find a bowling alley for the blind.
      Rhonda: You're a riot, Alice! A regular riot. I hope they like those jokes on the moon, 'cause that's where you're going... Straight to-the-moon!
      Alice: Hmm, spousal abuse. That's some fun stuff.

    • Dion Flynn: I was in the Army and one afternoon, while on leave, I went into the little town to get a tatoo and instead I f@#ked a sailor.

    • Stephen Guarino: My wife and I were sitting at the kitchen table. Now, the twins, Liza and Bette, needed to get to magic practice. And even though I had already laid out their clothes for them, they were still in their PJ's. And my wife said to me, "Stephen, do the girls really need to be in matching outfits? I mean, it's just a rehearsal."

      Well, I was pretty irate. I mean, why do I waste my time hand-stitching islet petticoats and doing such intricate applique work on their little wool capes if they're not even going to wear them?!!

      That's when I knew.

    • Girl #1: My Pocket Gay Friend taught me how to accessorize.
      Girl #2: My Pocket Gay Friend made me crème brûlée in my easy bake oven.
      Girl #3: My Pocket Gay Friend died. I forgot to feed him.
      Pocket Gay Friend: Oops!

    • Elaine Stritch (played by Nicol Paone): Get this, Barkeep. I was up for Golden Girls, but I didn't get it 'cause I refused to [BEEP] Bea Arthur.

  • NOTES (1)

    • Recurring sketches:
      "LOGO at Nite presents... " (first appearance)
      "LOGO Lifetips with Chad Michael and Michael Chad" (first appearance)
      "Elaine Stritch" (first appearance)


    • Nick at Nite
      The recurring sketch, "LOGO at Nite presents... ", is a parody of Nick at Nite, a block of progamming in which the children's cable channel, Nickeloden, presents classic TV sitcoms during the evening hours. In this recurring sketch, the classic TV sitcoms are presented with a gay twist.

    • The More You Know
      The segments, When I Knew, is an allusion to the Public Service Announcements used by NBC titled, "The More You Know," including use of the trademark rainbow and star.