The Big Gay Sketch Show

LOGO (ended 2010)




Episode Guide

  • Season 3
    • A Beyonce music video, a farter disrupts yoga class, and Arnaldo helps horny men move.
      Dancer Svetlana appears in a Beyonce music video, a mysterious farter disrupts a yoga class, and Arnaldo helps a group of horny men move. Appearances by Rosie O'Donnell & Sharon Osbourne.
    • Episode 22
      Episode 22
      Episode 8
      American Idol's Judge's Best Moments featuring "classic" outtakes of Paula Abdul (McKinnon), Simon Cowell (McGovern) and Kara DioGuardi (Paone); "The Further Adventures of of Kate and Julie: Peek-a-Boo I See You," in which two lesbians (McKinnon, Goldman) go a little "too far" while using Google Earth to spy on an ex (Paone); a yoga class instructor (Goldman) tries to figure out whose mysterious flatulence is disrupting her class; Today on Craigslist with America's Treasure, Maya Angelou (Domingo); hypersexual Naldo (Andino) as a moving man; Svetlana (Guarino) literally slays the competition to be Beyonce (Domingo)'s back-up dancer/BFF in her latest video.moreless
    • Sappho's Lips performs
      Music group Sapphos Lips performs at a Bar Mitzvah. Liza Minelli, Dr. Phil, Amy Winehouse and Raven Simone appear on the game show "Guess What I Had For Lunch!" James Lipton interviews actors with Botox. Appearance by Rosie O'Donnell.
    • Episode 21
      Episode 21
      Episode 7
      Sappho's Lips (McKinnon, Goldman) welcome Pepperstein's nephew (Guarino) into manhood at his bar mitzvah with their own "special" song; "Specifics," a dating hotline which caters to your specific fantasies (including women with lopsided breasts (Paone); women with thinning hair (Goldman); and women with cankles (McKinnon)); "Guess What I Had for Lunch?," a gameshow in which contestants guess what the guest panelists Liza Minnelli (Goldman), Dr. Phil (McGovern), Amy Winehouse (McKinnon) and Raven Symone (Domingo) ate for lunch, with some unappetizing results; Today on Craigslist with Maya Angelou (Domingo); James Lipton (Andino) hosts "Inside the Botoxed Actors Studio," in which the guests, Nicole Kidman (McKinnon), Meg Ryan (Guarino), Marcia Cross (Paone), Mickey Rourke (McGovern) and Morgan Freeman (Domingo), explain the method of "botox acting"; "The Boys Next Door," a reality show in which fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld (McGovern) shares his mansion with his three younger "mates" (Andino, Domingo, and Guarino).moreless
    • Suze Orman advice, Obsessive-compulsive TV host, and Assembling an IKEA bookcase
      Suze Orman gives financial advice to shoppers, an obsessive-compulsive television host roasts a turkey on her cooking show, and a couple spends the day assembling an IKEA bookcase. Rosie O'Donnel, Sharon Osbourne & Rachel Dratch appear.
    • Episode 20
      Episode 20
      Episode 6
      Suze Orman (Goldman) takes her "no nonsense financial advice" to the streets to stop consumers from spending; political pundit Ann Coulter (McKinnon) for "Coverbabe", a new super concealer that covers up her horse-like features; "Today on craigslist with Maya Angelou (Domingo)"; "Leslie's House," a cooking program hosted by an obsessive-compulsive cook (McKinnon); Ron Odyssey (Guarino) at a computer repair center, where's he's anything but "user friendly"; a lesbian couple (Goldman, McKinnon)'s relationship is put to the test as they try to assemble a bookcase from IKEA.moreless
    • Episode 19
      Episode 19
      Episode 5
      The ladies of The View, Barbara (McKinnon), Whoopi (Domingo), Joy (Goldman) and Elisabeth (Paone), discuss the Hot Topic of gay divorces; "When Dykes Attack"; "The 2nd Annual Facebook Awards"; "My Super Taliban-eriffic Sweet 16," featuring Kabuli teen Palwasha(Paone)'s "sweet" celebration with special guest star Nicole Scherzinger (Paone); Dr. Phil (McGovern) talks to his most "special" guest ever - transgendered Fitzwilliam (McKinnon), who finally gets his wish (i.e., a vagina).moreless
    • The View, Dr. Phil, an Afghani 16th Birthday
      The women of The View discuss gay divorces, an Afghani girl celebrates her 16th birthday, and Fitzwilliam appears on the Dr. Phil show. Appearances by Rosie O'Donnell & Sharon Osbourne.
    • Episode 18
      Episode 18
      Episode 4
      Tyra Banks (Domingo) presents Canada's Next Top Model, in which she tries to find the winner among four natural Canadian "beauties" (McKinnon, Paone, Goldman, Guarino); "The BGSS Presents Caught on Tape: Camera Phones Throughout History - Episode 1," in which Mother Teresa (Paone) is caught profanely admonishing a fellow nun (McKinnon); lesbians (Paone, McKinnon, Goldman) mourn the cancellation of their favorite show with The L Word commemorative plates; "Today on craigslist with America's Treasure, Maya Angelou (Domingo)"; Dario Mendez (McGovern), an unruly lounge singer who insults his audience through song; LOGO Gay Weather Report with John Harrison (Guarino) and Samantha Williams (McKinnon); "Pet Sexy," a line of lingerie to sex up your cat or dog.moreless
    • Canada's Next Top Model, The L Word, and Offensive Lounge Singer
      Tyra Banks hosts Canada's Next Top Model, The L Word commemorative plates prove to be popular among lesbians, and an offensive lounge singer disrupts patrons. Appearances by Rosie O'Donnell & Sharon Osbourne.
    • Episode 17
      Episode 17
      Episode 3
      The ladies of The View, Barbara Walters (McKinnon), Whoopi Goldberg (Domingo), Joy Behar (Goldman) and Elisabeth Hasselbeck (Paone) reveal how they each celebrated Gay Pride in their own special way; mock iPhone apps ads; "Jonny (McGovern) on the Street," a gay version of "Jaywalking;" lesbian folk group, Sappho's Lips, Cayuga Lake (McKinnon) and Pepperstein Whalesong (Goldman), perform their song, "Death on a Bun," at a church hot-dog eating contest; "Today on craigslist with America's Treasure Maya Angelou (Domingo): Shy Girl Looking;" Margaret (Paone), an accident-prone wedding planner makes a lesbain wedding "extra-special."moreless
    • The View, folk group Sappho's Lips performs, and Accident-prone Wedding Planner
      The ladies of The View chat about their experiences going gay for Gay Pride Month, folk group Sappho's Lips performs at a hot dog eating contest, and an accident-prone wedding planner ruins a wedding.
    • RuPaul Returns, A New Vodka, The Real Housewives of Warren Jeff, and Glenn Close Recording Session
      RuPaul returns with a fresh batch of competing queens , a new vodka dazzles its drinkers, The Real Housewives of Warren Jeff show the wild side of Mormon housewives, and a recording session with Glenn Close becomes difficult.
    • Episode 16
      Episode 16
      Episode 2
      RuPaul (Domingo)'s Drag Race featuring a new batch of contestants - Amber Alert (Guarino), Cherry Garcia (Andino) and Chocolate Puddin' (McGovern) and guest judges Melanie Griffith (McKinnon), Santino Rice and Dancing with the Star's Bruno Tonioli (Andino); a commercial for "Dazzle Vodka," a new vodka that puts you in the mood, then makes you regret it later; "The Real Housewives of Warren Jeffs (McGovern)" following all 60 wives of the prophet and absolute ruler of the Fundamentalist Church of the Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints including the Reunion Special; an ad for "Feminique," the new feminine product that makes a woman get a period only once a decade with some slight side effects; a commercial reading featuring an overly-dramatic Glenn Close (Paone) chewing the scenery; a hotel receptionist (McKinnon) who doesn't seem to quite recognize that her guests are same-sex married.moreless
    • The Amazing Race, Afghani Women Reality Series and Barbara Walters Interviews Celebrities
      The Amazing Race features celebrity heterosexuals and their companions as contestants, Afghani women star in a reality series and Barbara Walters interviews celebrities. Appearances by Rosie O'Donnell & Sharon Osbourne.
    • Episode 15
      Episode 15
      Episode 1
      The Big Gay Sketch Show returns for an all-new third season. Sketches featured All Celebrity, All Heterosexual Edition of The Amazing Race featuring Anderson Cooper (Andino) and his "live-in stunt double", Hugh Jackman (Guarino) and his "long time aroma-therapist", Tyler Perry (Domingo) and his "spiritual advisor", Jodie Foster (McKinnon) and her "live-in carpenter", Lindsay Lohan (Paone) and her sobriety sponsor, Liza Minelli (Goldman), and Richard Simmons and his "life coach"; "Swiffer" parody commercial featuring Mr. Mop's fatal attraction; "The Caves," a parody of MTV's The Hills, a reality show about Kabuli women; Barbara Walters (McKinnon) Special: The Ten Not Quite So Fascinating People of the Year featuring Nick Cannon (Domingo) and Mariah Carey (Goldman), Law & Order's Sam Waterston (McGovern) and Kirstie Alley (Goldman); The 2nd Annual Facebook Awards.moreless
  • Season 2
  • Season 1