The Big Gay Sketch Show

Season 2 Episode 9

The Big Straight Sketch Show

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Apr 15, 2008 on LOGO



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  • Quotes

    • Colman Domingo (commenting on LOGO's programming): How many times can you watch The Torch Song Trilogy without stabbing yourself in the f*cking eye?

    • Jonny McGovern (commenting on LOGO's plan to turn TBGSS straight): They definitely didn't treat Noah's Arc like this.
      Julie Goldman: No.
      Jonny: Or The Curl Girls. They kissed their ass.

    • (Jonny McGovern and Paolo Andino rehearse a sketch for "The Big Straight Sketch Show)
      Jonny: Hey, uh, I like... I like boobs. Do you like boobs?
      Paolo: Yeah, bro. I like boobs.
      Jonny: You know what I like more than boobs?
      Paolo: What, bro?
      Jonny: Vaginas.
      Paolo: Oh, yeah, I love vaginas, man. You know what I like better than vaginas, bro?
      Jonny: What?
      Paolo: NASCAR.
      Jonny: Totally, dude.
      Paolo: Yeah, totally.
      Jonny: You know what's better than NASCAR?
      Paolo: What, bro?
      Jonny: Boobs.
      Paolo: Oh ho, boobs.

    • Michael Snow, V.P. Original Creative Programming (commenting on TBGSS spin-off, "The Big Straight Sketch Show"): You know, this is... basically reminds me of the Joey spin-off... uh, in terms of its potential for success.

    • Head Writer: Okay, let's talk about content. What do straight people like to do?
      Writer #1: Oh, oh... I know a straight guy and he's really into, um, NASCAR.
      Writer #2: NASCAR and boobs.
      Writer #3: Sex that only satisfies one partner.

    • Kate McKinnon: They're calling me Lesby Lohan. Isn't that fun?

    • Jonny McGovern (reacting to turning TBGSS straight): I'm very angry. I'm... I'm gangry. You know what that is? Gay plus angry. Gangry.

    • Stephen Guarino: Can you believe it? I mean, I was actually too skinny to fit in the costume so I was fired. And I was supposed to play The Beast, but I ended up playing The Fork, which is okay because he has a lot of really good numbers. But I totally understudied for all the silverware.

    • Erica Ash: What are you up to?
      Jonny McGovern: I'm doing a one-man show where I play Harriet Tubman.
      Erica: Honey, that's about time.
      Jonny: It's called, "Run, Bitch, Run."

    • Michael Snow, V.P. Original Creative Programming: See we've got a real grasp on this little sliver right here, but we think that LOGO deserves the entire delicious pie - carbs and all. We've got the fruit, now what about the crust?

    • Michael Snow, V.P. Original Creative Programming: If we're going to continue to grow at the rate that we have been, then we need to broaden our scope. If only black people watched BE... African-American people watched BET, would BET be successful? And if only animals watched the Animal Planet, would it even still be on the air? And the Weather Channel, if only... you get the picture.

  • Notes

    • The production date at the end of this special episode is dated 2007, while all other season 2 episodes are dated 2008. This indicates that this episode was intended to air prior to the start of season 2. In fact, the joke in this special episode is that season 2 of TBGSS would be transformed into an entirely straight format. During LOGO's marathon of the entire The Big Gay Sketch Show episodes, this episode aired after the first season finale and before the second season premiere.

    • According to the credits, Rosie O'Donnell, executive producer of The Big Gay Sketch Show, did not participate in this special episode.

    • This special episode was co-written by castmember Julie Goldman.

  • Allusions

    • While acting outraged by LOGO's treatment of TBGSS, castmember Jonny McGovern alludes to two other LOGO series, Noah's Arc and The Curl Girls. Also, Colman Domingo, playing an administrative assistant to the Programming V.P., alludes to Torch Song Trilogy while dissing LOGO's slate of programming.

    • The faux acting coach, in trying to inspire castmembers Stephen Guarino and Julie Goldman, tells them to imagine three straight roles, alluding to the films Gandhi, The Godfather and Erin Brockovich.

    • Commenting on TBGSS spin-off, "The Big Straight Sketch Show," LOGO'S V.P. compares it to Joey, the unsuccessful spin-off of the highly succesful sitcom, Friends.

    • One of the faux sketches for "The Big Straight Sketch Show" was called "Federline of Love." This was an allusion to two VH1 reality shows, Flavor of Love starring Flavor Flav and Rock of Love with Bret Michaels.