The Big Guy and Rusty the Boy Robot

FOX (ended 2001)


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Episode Guide

  • Season 1
    • Creatures, Great And Small
      The "Big Guy" is decommissioned in favor of Quark Industries' newest creation, Rusty the Boy Robot. But when the alien, Annihilator, threatens to destroy New Tronic City, it's clear that Rusty is not quite ready for prime time. The Big Guy is reassembled and joins the fight along with Rusty. General Thorton orders that their temporary alliance become a permanent partnership.moreless
    • Out of Whack
      Out of Whack
      Episode 2
      The Big Guy and Rusty face off against the Legion Ex Machina's evil creation: A.R.G.-12, a.k.a. Argo. When a Nucleo-Protonic blast from Argo triggers a malfunction in Rusty's power core, the boy robot fears that he will be disassembled, due to the fact that he is going out of control.
    • The Inside Scoop
      The Inside Scoop
      Episode 3
      A telepathy experiment goes awry and a Quark scientist, Dr. Neugog, is transformed into a giant brain on spidery legs. Neugog uses his telepathic powers to drain the minds of the world's greatest scientists. Meanwhile, Dr. Slate accidentally discovers that there's a man in the Big Guy suit.
    • Birthday Bash
      Birthday Bash
      Episode 4
      Rusty tags along with Dwayne to his nephew's birthday party. Rusty's present is a piece of stolen alien technology, known as a Dimetrium Agglomerator. Yet, the aliens, Emek and Naard, who own the Agglomerator come to claim it.
    • The Reluctant Assassin
      Dr. Gilder, the Legion Ex Machina's mole within Quark, has developed a personal grudge against Donovan, so he takes control of a prototype and tries to assassinate him. Donovan is taken to the S.S. Dark Horse for his own safety. Gilder then hacks into Rusty, gives him a "big gun", and sets out to destroy Donovan.moreless
    • Really Big Guy
      Really Big Guy
      Episode 6
      Dr. Slate, Big Guy and Rusty find out that the Legion Ex Machina's mysterious "final assembly" is taking place in a network of underground tunnels. When Big Guy and Rusty find the tunnels, they derail a robotic train. Inside the massive train's cargo hold is a gigantic hand that boasts a built-in high-tech cannon. With their plan uncovered, the Legion Ex Machina members decide to activate their latest creation ahead of schedule even though it is missing a hand.moreless
  • Season 2