The Big Guy and Rusty the Boy Robot

Season 2 Episode 16

Nephew Of Neugog

Aired Unknown Feb 27, 2001 on FOX



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  • Quotes

    • Slate: Rusty, you're amazing.
      Big Guy: I have to concur, Son. Just... don't get a swelled head.

    • Big Guy: Nothing up my sleeves. (pointing arm at Neugog) Whoops. There is something up my sleeve! (forearm cannon emerges and blasts Neugog).

    • Rusty: Your head's even bigger than mine!
      Pierre: Bigger. Smarter. And psychokinetic.
      Rusty: You mean psycho.

    • Big Guy: Fellas, seems you both had a little too much to think.

    • Neugog: Oh? Care to calculate the elusive zeta constant of the Unified Field Theorem?
      Pierre: Six-point-one-four. Duh. And I'm sure you can tell me the unknown ratio of the fifth dimensional string equation.
      Neugog: Epsilon over pi.
      Pierre: Is not.
      Neugog: Is so.
      Pierre: Is not.
      Neugog: Is so.
      Pierre: Is not!

    • Pierre: I'm more Einstein than Frankenstein.

    • Rabbi: (at bar mitzvah in synagogue) Because today, you are no longer a boy! You are a man.
      Big Guy: (breaking through wall) Anyone for pie? Piping hot! (The boy, his parents, and the rabbi all look shocked.)...Sorry. Wrong address, citizens. Mazel tov.

    • Big Guy: If he ticks, clock 'im!

    • Big Guy: It is my duty to inform you that in the event you decide to pull a fast one, the Boy Robot has already selected a thematically appropriate classic maneuver to be administered by me. Now, can you sniff out our prep?
      Neugog: Can the shark smell blood?

    • Big Guy: Pull on your oven mitts Rusty, it's time to shake hands with the Devil.

    • Pierre: Focus, focus...Go boom.

    • Pierre: My cranium brims with psychokinetic energy beyond all comprehension. Except my own, of course.

    • Big Guy: Sweet Henry F....

    • Rusty: Dr. Slate! Dr. Slate, say something!
      Slate: Buh. Duh. Guh.
      Rusty: Say something else!

    • Pierre: (sniffing) Ah, nothing like the scent of a high IQ.

    • Big Guy: And if Spider Sam's creeping down the corridors... (smashes fist into hand) ...he'd better have a hall pass.

    • Slate: He displays all the symptoms of total synaptic deletion. Ring any bells?
      Big Guy: Just one ding dong named Neugog.

    • Pierre: (to Donovan and Jenny) I'm hungry...very hungry...but I crave nutrition, not empty calories.

    • Pierre: (sniffing hungrily, to scientist using vending machine) Say, you're not a...nuclear physicist...
      Scientist: How did you know?
      Pierre: I can smell it...on your brain!

    • Rustty: This area is restricted, Pi-erre.
      Pierre: Hello, Rudolph.
      Rustty: The name's Rusty. What do you think you're doing?
      Pierre: Looking for a few spare parts for my next science project.
      Rustty: Your last science project nearly caused...
      Pierre: A minor apocalypse, yes, whatever.
      Rustty: Uh, yeah... and you practically destroyed New Tronic City. You better leave pronto!

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Silence of the Brainsuckers
      The plot of this episode is similar to the plot of the book/movie Silence of the Lambs. In it, the FBI uses tips from an incarcerated serial killer to track down one on the loose.

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