The Big Guy and Rusty the Boy Robot

FOX (ended 2001)


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  • The BGY-11 robot, a.k.a. Big Guy, and Rusty are two mighty combat robots that protect the world from mutant monsters, alien invaders and deadly robots.

    The BGY-11 robot, a.k.a. Big Guy, and Rusty are two mighty combat robots that protect the world from mutant monsters, alien invaders and deadly robots. Created by Frank Miller (Sin City) and Geoffrey Darrow, “The Big Guy and Rusty” was a short-lived animated series that premiered on Fox Kids in the fall of 1999. The animated series remained very faithful to the comic book. It’s patriotic, funny and loaded with action. The characters were the first thing that attracted me to the show. Though the world thinks that the Big Guy is a real robot, he is actually a man inside a battle-suit. Though unaware of the truth, Rusty idolizes the Big Guy and feels honored to work along side his hero. Their chemistry and dialogue are well developed, heartfelt and often humorous. The Big Guy delivered the show’s most memorable one-liners. Stephen Root (Office Space), Pamela Segall (King of the Hill) and Kathy Kinney (The Drew Carey Show) provide much of the show’s humor. The animation and action scenes are great. After 26 episodes, the animated series ended with a real cliffhanger that allowed the series to continue. Unfortunately, the series wasn’t picked up for another season.
  • The Big Guy is awesome!

    A cartoon about a soldier in a robot suit called The Big Guy who has heaps of skill and on board weaponry is teamed up with a little robot boy named Rusty. The thing is Rusty thinks The Big Guy is an actual robot and doesn't know it's controled by a human. They have all sorts of adventures together fighting evil and saving the world. However, keeping the secret a secret puts The Big Guy into trouble on multiple occations and endangers his life. A good show for kids but older people would lose interest in it after a few episodes.
  • A great cartoon aimed at children that even parents can watch and still enjoy. Loaded with tons of Americana and witty one-liners, this is one of the most underrated shows out there. It is a MUST SEE. Bonus points for a great theme song.

    A great show and one of the better cartoons out there I may add. The basic premise of it is that the military designs a boy robot to protect the world, but like a real child, he too needs guidance. Thus, Big Guy, Rusty's hero leads him. Also Rusty thinks Big Guy is a robot as well, but instead is just a pilot in a suit, so this provides many storylines as the real identity of the Big Guy "robot" is kept secret from Rusty in order to protect his childlike emotions. Together they protect the world. I would consider it perfect if the series actually concluded instead of getting close to finding the head villain and getting canceled. Other than that though, it is a great show that has both humor and emotion in it. I just want it to have an ending and to be on DVD.

    My final review: One of the best family cartoons ever. Quite underated and unheard of, yet still one of the best around. This is something that you can watch with little kids and not worry about what they may see. Definately a MUST SEE.