The Big Guy and Rusty the Boy Robot

Season 2 Episode 14

The Champ

Aired Unknown Feb 23, 2001 on FOX
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The Champ
An intergalactic thrill-seeker named Po the Obliterator comes to challenge Earth's greatest champion, The Big Guy.

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  • An intergalactic bully named Po the Obliterator comes to challenge Earth's greatest champion, The Big Guy.

    An intergalactic bully named Po the Obliterator comes to challenge Earth's greatest champion, The Big Guy. “The Champ” may not be the best episode of the series but it certainly was one of my favorites. The episode featured the show’s funniest villain: Po the Obliterator. Po is an arrogant thrill-seeking runt in a powerful battle suit. He enjoys showing off his might and dislikes being called small or scrawny. Rusty risks his life to rescue the fallen hero from Po. Though he is no match against Po in his battle suit, he attacks on his overdeveloped ego and gets the best of him. There is plenty of great humor in this episode. The final bout between Big Guy and Po was really fun. There were some good punches and cool one-liners.moreless

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    • Po: Po sees you have returned for another serving of butt whoop.

    • Big Guy: Your choice, Obliterator. You could hop on that saucer of yours and fly away or I can just keep on busting you up from now until the Fourth of July.

    • Big Guy: I dedicate this to the kid with the unflappable faith, who never stopped believing in heroes, no matter how great the odds. I'm taking about the only kid on this great big planet who can predict my next classic maneuver.
      Rusty: The Big Guy Belly Flop.

    • Rusty: Big Guy may be a robot, but he's not just a collection of parts. He -- he's the greatest!

    • General Thorton: We should consider this a victory, Lieutenant Hunter. We salvaged the only part of the Big Guy that is irreplaceable -- you.
      Dwayne: Well, I'm sure gonna miss my machine.

    • Mitch Givens, NTN: This is a very dark day -- the day the Big Guy went down for the count. True to his word, the intergalactic warrior Po the Obliterator departed with his 'trophy' just moments ago. Earth can heave a collective sigh of relief, but for how long? Who will defend our planet from the next threat?

    • Po: Po could continue, but he would hate to further damage his shiny new trophy (Big Guy).

    • Mack: Big Guy's gone night-night.

    • (Big Guy's stray shot breaks a water tank.)
      Po: Thank you, but Po is not thirsty. Po has yet to break a sweat.

    • Po: Dee-licious.
      Big Guy: If you liked the appetizer, open wide for the family platter!

    • Po: Po can't believe you fell for that. Po is embarrassed for you.
      Big Guy: You're about to feel more than that.

    • Rusty: Big Guy, he's a jerk!

    • Po: See the pretty mountain? Oops.... (as he destroys them)

    • Po: Po will make this very clear. Big Guy will fight Po -- or Po will destroy Earth.

    • Big Guy: Listen up, Po. I'll fight to keep this country free. I'll fight so it's safe for decent people to walk their dogs after dark. I'll even fight to eliminate the designated hitter rule from baseball. But I won't fight to provide cheap thrills for some sick freak.

    • Po: Very well. Po the Obliterator shall do battle with 'Big Guy the Really Tough Fighting Guy'. If Po loses, he shall leave in peace. But if Po wins, he shall add this Big Guy to his trophy case.
      Rusty: Well, you ain't gonna win, 'cause Big Guy's the greatest!
      Po: Ha! Po has heard bold words from many champions on many worlds -- champions who now say very little.

    • Po: Please tell Po that these contraptions are not your heartiest combatants. (Laughs) Surely this world has some warrior who is worthy of Po the Obliterator's attention.
      Rusty: We sure as shootin' do, mister. And his name's Big Guy. Big Guy the, the...Really Tough Fighting Guy!
      Big Guy: Huh?

    • Po: Bring forth this planet's mightiest champion, so that Po the Obliterator might beat him down in humiliating defeat.

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