The Big House (2004)

ABC (ended 2004)


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  • Season 1
    • Kevin's Birthday
      Kevin's Birthday
      Episode 6
      Kevin faces a birthday crisis when Warren spills the beans that the family has gone to great effort to plan a surprise bash for him - at the same time that Kevin's best friend from Malibu descends on Philly, determined to treat his buddy to a lavish night on the town.moreless
    • The Anniversary Party
      Kevin, trying to show some love for Aunt Tina and Uncle Clarence, cajoles his cousins into throwing their parents an anniversary party. But his plan goes horribly wrong when he stumbles upon a deep, dark family secret — Tina and Clarence were married two years after Warren was born, a little fact they've neglected to tell their children.moreless
    • The Kidney Stays in the Picture
      Kevin tries to get Warren to go to a Lil' Kim concert, despite Aunt Tina's edict that they have to stay home. When his cousin reveals that Aunt Tina gave him one of her kidneys during a childhood illness, Kevin begins to understand Warren's attachment to his mom – until a little digging on his part reveals the truth about his aunt's tall tale.moreless
    • A Friend in Need
      A Friend in Need
      Episode 3
      The family is overjoyed when Eartha brings home a boyfriend, Martin, who unexpectedly hits it off with friendless, new-in-town Kevin. Eartha and Kevin soon begin competing to spend time with Martin, with comical results.
    • Almost Touched by an Angel
      Kevin is a non-believer so he is smitted to Angel. Angel is one of the beautiful girls at the family's church. Kevin only agrees to get baptized, becuase he wants to win Angel over.
    • Hart Transplant
      Hart Transplant
      Episode 1
      Kevin is a rich kid from Malibu, he as it all a great house & money. But one day when his dad also Kevin's manager is arrested for embezzling millions of his clients' dollars. Later his family from Philadelphia welcomes Kevin to live with them to go start a new life. When he moves into the "The Big House" he is forced to live in the basement.moreless