The Big Showdown

ABC (ended 1975)


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The Big Showdown

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Three contestants competed in this quiz. After a one point toss-up question, the round began. Rounds one & two had six new categories worth 1-6 points. The objective is to be the first player to hit the payoff point by answering questions to win the cash bonus determined on the money dial on the host's podium. The money dial had $25/$50/$75/$100/$500. Payoff points went in this sequence of 8s & 7s (8-15-23-30-38-45, etc). However, you were locked out of questions if your score goes over the payoff point. When time was short on round two, a 90 second speed round was played & after the payoff point was hit, all future payoff points was a flat $100. The two top scores continued on to... FINAL SHOWDOWN: There were three categories (paying 1, 2 or 3 points) in this round. The object was to reach 7 points to win the game & $250! That winner got to roll the dice! The sixes on the dice were replaced by the words "SHOW" & "DOWN". If the contestant threw "SHOW" "DOWN" on the first roll of the dice, the player won $10,000! If not, then whatever's rolled is the payoff point (1-10). The contestant then had 30 seconds to roll "SHOW" "DOWN" for a $5,000 win! If the payoff point is hit, the contestant gets $250 + 5 seconds bonus time (if needed). When the 30 seconds expire, the payoff point is gone & the contestant has any bonus time achieved to roll "SHOW" "DOWN" for $5,000. If the player won either $5,000 or $10,000, they retire undefeated. Otherwise, they were the returning champion. This show was replaced by Rhyme & Reason.


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