The Big Story - Season 1

NBC (ended 1958)




Episode Guide

  • Harry Kodinsky of the Pittsburgh Post Gazette

    The true experience of reporter Harry Kodinsky of the Pittsburgh Post Gazette who brought to justice an unhappy victim of malicious gossip is dramatized.

  • Howard Beaufait of the Cleveland News

    Reporter Howard Beaufait of the Cleveland News reopened a murder case and freed an innocent man from jail.

  • Roy J. Battersby of the Herald-Tribune

    Reporter Roy J. Battersby of the New York Herald-Tribune helped police solve the hammer slaying of a young bride.

  • Ed Freeman of the Baltimore News Post

    Reporter Ed Freeman of the Baltimore News Post helps track down the killer of three people.

  • Eddie Griffin of the Syracuse Herald Journal

    Syracuse (N.Y.) Herald Journal reporter Eddie Griffin solves a 1936 Lacona Bank slaying after an intensive manhunt leads to two young killers who shot and killed Charles Salisbury.

  • Harold Friedenberg of the Boston Traveler

    Reporter Harold Friedenberg of the Boston Traveler hears a young girl tell the eye witness account of an accident. He doesn't fall for it and when he gets through with his own investigation he turns up an insurance fraud scheme and murder.

  • Harry Romanoff of the Chicago American

    Crime reporter Harry Romanoff of the Chicago (Il.) American thought things were too easy when a butcher's wife was murdered and a prowler was killed by the butcher and accused of the crime, so he did his own sleuthing.

  • James Fusco of the Columbus Citizen

    James Fusco reporter for the Columbus (Ohio) Citizen, was as puzzled as the police when the body of a pretty young girl was found in an old target range. However, he managed to solve the case.

  • C.A. Paul of the Charlotte News

    Reporter C.A. Paul, of the Charlotte (N.C.) News was able to assist police with the capture of a psychopathic holdup-killer of two cab drivers.

  • Kathryn Steffan of the Norfolk Ledger-Dispatch

    Kathryn Steffan of the Norfolk, (Va.) Ledger-Dispatch tells her story of life in a juvenile ward. She purposely was arrested and sent to a "farm" for 30 days and tells of the terror of her life there.

  • Woody Baron of the Waco News-Tribune

    Twin killers are captured by police with the aid of reporter Woody Baron of the Waco, Texas News-Tribune.

  • Eugene Travis of the Memphis Commercial Appeal

    Memphis (Tennessee) Commercial Appeal reporter Eugene Travis uncovered a tip-off at the post office department of an impending train robbery.

  • Nellie Kenyon of the Chattanooga News

    As a reporter on the Chattanooga ( Tenn.) News, Nellie Kenyon was on the beat when the "Big Story" came about. It involves a criminal who robbed a bank, leaving no clues, but with the help of the newspaper and their reporters, the crime was solved.

  • Harry McCormick of the Houston Press

    The manner in which reporter Harry McCormick of the Houston (Texas) Press solves the daring "Huntsville Prison Case" is told as McCormick had long worked to improve penal conditions and was regarded as a friend by many inmates. When three convicts escape by forging a pardon from the governor, he is the only one to whom the warden can turn for assistance.

  • Herb Mayer of the New Orleans Item

    Reporter Herb Mayer of the New Orleans, Louisiana Item starting with a few meager clues is able to solve the mystery of the unidentified corpse as he tracks down the murderer of a watchmaker.

  • George Cox of the Mobile Press Register

    Reporter George M. Cox of the Mobile, Ala. Press Register was instrumental during the manhunt of a felon.

  • Margrete Daney of the Toledo Blade

    The story of Margrete Daney reporter of the Toledo (Ohio) Blade who filled in as a police reporter one night, and helped find a missing little girl.

  • Gerald Gunthrup of the Oneonta Daily Star

    The experiences of Gerald Gunthrup of the Oneonta, N.Y. Daily Star in tracking down a woman who murdered her handyman for his insurance is dramatized.

  • George Goodwin of the Atlanta Journal

    The story of reporter George Goodwin of the Atlanta Ga., Journal whose sense of justice and fair play prompted him to clear an innocent man of suspicion of his wife's murder after public opinion had convicted the man without benefit of trial.

  • Wesley Chalk of the Pensacola News Journal

    The brutal murder of a young hotel clerk in Pensacola, Florida and the work of reporter Wesley Chalk for the News-Journal who aids in solving the case are told.

  • Julian Houseman of the Richmond News Leader

    Reporter Julian C. Houseman of the Richmond Va., News Leader finds proof of Jamie Goodwin's innocence, the man has been sentenced to 40 years in jail for a murder committed by Arthur Tinney who resembles him in this case of mistaken identity.

  • Joseph Clarke of the Philadelphia Inquirer

    When the girl's body was found by her father, a certified public accountant, it was believed she was the victim of a hit-and-run driver, but an autopsy revealed that she had been strangled, then hit with a blunt instrument. Joseph Clarke's investigation of the case turned up amazing leads which brought one criminal to death in the electric chair and an accessory to a life term in prison.

  • Andrew J. Viglietta of the Long Island Star Journal
    He aids the FBI in capturing a criminal and freeing an innocent man in prison. He receives a telephone call from a supposed crank, who knows unpublished facts about the case of a man arrested, tried and sentenced. Viglietta contacts the FBI and meets the man in Times Square. The reporter is kidnapped and, but for the arrival of the FBI, might have been killed.moreless
  • John Ellert of the Evansville Indiana Press

    The story of John Ellert of the Evansville Indiana Press, who forgot about his vacation when a new lead developed seven years after his friend Eddie Bannon was sentenced to life imprisonment for murder on circumstantial evidence. He was freed when Ellert finally located a man to whom the murderer had confessed.

  • Harry Reutlinger of The Chicago Herald-American

    Harry Reutlinger sniffs out a story when the maid finds the occupants of the house missing and the house in disarray.

  • Frank Shenkel of The Pittsburgh Sun Telegraph
    Frank Shenkel of the Pittsburgh Sun Telegraph uncovers the murder of a woman shot in her sleep.