The Big Story - Season 9

NBC (ended 1958)




Episode Guide

  • With Intent To Kill
    With Intent To Kill
    Episode 24
    A young officer is killed while trying to stop a robbery from taking place and his friend, reporter Ted Prager, takes up the cause to find and bring to justice his murderer.
  • The Witch Doctors
    The Witch Doctors
    Episode 23
    After too many heartbreaking horror stories come across his desk, a reporter sets out to establish minimum guidelines and exams for practicing psychologists.
  • Wanted - Dead Or Alive
    After a teenager commits a robbery, newspaper reporter Tony Slaughter tries to get the young man to turn himself in.
  • Until Proven Guilty
    Until Proven Guilty
    Episode 21
    After a reporter gathers evidence concerning a murder suspect who supposedly killed his own wife, the corespondent soon decides the man is innocent.
  • Two Edged Sword
    Two Edged Sword
    Episode 20
    An extortion ring becomes the target of a go getting cub reporter bent on uncovering it to the world.
  • Turnpike Terror
    Turnpike Terror
    Episode 19
    Reporter Joe Bianco joins in the hunt for a murderer who killed an innocent man while he slept.
  • Thanksgiving For Dr. Joe
    A refugee is not allowed to practice medicine even though he is a qualified doctor so Victor Cohn takes up the cause to change that.
  • The Stubbonest Man
    The Stubbonest Man
    Episode 17
    A man who insists that he is innocent of the charge of murdering his wife, gets help from Julian Houseman, a newspaperman who starts an investigation into the affair.
  • The Smell Of Death
    The Smell Of Death
    Episode 16
    Cliff Russell offers himself in exchange when a gunman threatens to kill two young people he is holding as hostages.
  • Shield #21 aka In The Line Of Duty
    A gunman targets a witness who saw him fatally shoot a police officer.
  • Shakedown aka The Hackie Shakedown
    The blue wall goes up quickly as Pulitzer Prize winning writer Bill Lambert begins an investigation into the hidden world of police officers on the take.
  • Servant Of The People
    St. Louis Post Dispatch reporter Ted Link decides to single handedly take on the Missouri underworld after a powerful mobster is murdered.
  • Search For Truth
    Search For Truth
    Episode 12
    A family makes an appeal for help after their daughter goes missing and a newspaper woman answers their call.
  • Phoenix
    Episode 11
  • Nightmare
    Episode 10
    Newspaper correspondent Valerie Nicholson suddenly finds herself accused of insanity, after she starts an investigation into a psychologist and his questionable practices.
  • Make Believe Bandit
    Newspaper reporter Emil Slaboda helps police in their pursuit of a group of youthful bandits.
  • Hit And Run
    Hit And Run
    Episode 8
    After a fatal hit-and-run accident, reporter Nye Beaman hits the road, tracking the driver to bring him to justice.
  • For Sale - Child
    For Sale - Child
    Episode 7
    Reporter Bert Collier is given an anonymous tip concerning an international black market adoption operation based in Florida.
  • Fighter's Fists
    Fighter's Fists
    Episode 6
    During a crackdown on crime in the Houston area, police arrest a boxer, who gets support from reporter Zarko Franks.
  • Crime School aka Don Kellerman Of Newsday, Long Island, NY
    A brave young reporter poses as a delinquent teen to go undercover and expose the conditions inside Long Island's prison system
  • The Cat
    The Cat
    Episode 4
    Acid tongued newspaper columnist Walter Winchell is on his own as he rendezvous in a secret location with a notorious gangster to try and work out a plan for the man's surrender to authorities.
  • The Bridge
    The Bridge
    Episode 3
    Using sketches and drawings as a way to communicate, NY Journal American reporter Charles Scott tries to help a deaf-mute, whom he believes has been sent to prison for a crime he is innocent of.
  • A Madman Is Loose
    A Madman Is Loose
    Episode 2
    After a couple of taxi drivers are robbed and killed, reporter C.A. Paul uses the murderer's obsession with canaries to bait and capture the killer.
  • A Child Is Born
    A Child Is Born
    Episode 1
    When a blind and deaf couple in Akron, Ohio, bare a child, many question whether they can handle the task of raising the infant. Helen Waterhouse goes to work to prove they are more than capable.