The Big Valley

Season 4 Episode 20

A Passage of Saints

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Mar 10, 1969 on ABC

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  • An episode relevant to today's news.

    The animosity many people feel against Mormons and Mormonism goes back to that religion's founding. In this installment, a Mormon family lives in rented house on Barkley land, and face persecution from the people of Stockton because of their religion. An allusion is made to the Mountain Meadows massacre of 9/11/1857, in which a group of Mormons and/or Indians open fire on a wagon train after a five day siege, killing over a hundred men, women, and children. This family is made up of a man, his wife, and daughter. However, Jarrod learns that the daughter is, in fact, the man's other wife. Jarrod cannot legally rent to them because polygamy is by now a crime, which would make Jarrod an accomplice, but the marriages took place before the law was passed, making it a murky legal situation. While he sympathasizes, Jarrod nevertheless asks them to leave, and they agree, at first. However, when the townfolk decide to run them off themselves, the man is defiant and decides to stay and fight, leading to a violent showdown, and it's the Barkley brothers to the rescue.

    Since we have a Mormon who is a top candidate for president, this episode is worth watching today. He is faced with questions about his theological beliefs, some of which are well out of the mainstream of Christianity. Is it fair to base your vote on his religion, even if you otherwise agree with his political philosophy? You'll have to examine your own conscience.