The Big Valley

Season 1 Episode 17

By Fires Unseen

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jan 05, 1966 on ABC

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  • Nick's bride-to-be has an Attention-Deficit Disorder

    When Nick comes home from San Francisco with his knock-out new fiancee, Victoria and Jarrod are wary that his betrothed might not be Mrs. Right. Besides the fact that the two have only known one another five days, Hester is cosmopolitan, showy, and forward. Her overeager, overzealous kiss on the lips to her future brother-in-law, Heath, kind of floors the family, too.

    This episode is okay - Hester gets to be a pain pretty quickly. But I think I like it because Hester reminds me a lot of a girl I was friends with in college. Beautiful, flirtacious, and insecure unless every man in the room was orbiting her. Hester suggests in the parting scene with Nick that she'll outgrow this constant need for reassurance and one day settle down... my friend made the same declaration - and I got to watch her flirting at her wedding reception!

    At times the episode dragged a little, but a higher score is given for the stunning shots filmed of California's San Joaquin Valley.

  • Nick and Heath and a pretty fiancé a bad combination, stay tuned to find out what happened.

    After being in San Francisco for five days, Nick comes home with a fiancé named Hester. The family is not as smitten with her as Nick is. They think that she is not ready to leave her parting ways. She meets Heath and starts trying to get close to him. When the family goes on a planned vacation she is asked to go with them at first she declines but then goes. She keeps trying to get Heath's attention. After a party at a mining camp, Hester is seen in the woods crying by Heath. He goes to comfort her and Nick gets the wrong idea and starts fighting with Heath. While he is chocking Heath, during the fight, Eugene steps in and Heath kicks Nick who ends up falling down a very steep hill. During the fall he hurts his back rather badly. Heath creates a device that makes it so they can transport Nick, and he also can't move and rehurt himself. They come to a river and they can't cross so they set up camp, while Eugene goes to get the doctor. Nick asks Hestor to help him escape. She does and he doesn't get very far. He falls and Heath helps him back to the tent. The doctor comes and says if it wasn't for Heath, Nick would have been laid up for a long time, instead he said he would be able to be moved in 5 days. Hester then tells the truth about what Heath was doing before the fight. She leaves and goes back down the mountain. Before she leaves she tells Nick that she isn't ready to settle down. At the end of the episode was my favorite scene where Nick falls right into the arms of Heath who catches him and they share a laugh. It was one of the best episodes.
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