The Big Valley

Season 2 Episode 30

Cage of Eagles

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Apr 24, 1967 on ABC

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  • Nick Barkley and "Adam Cartwright" in the same screen shot - where's my fire extinguisher?!

    Okay, cheesey summary but I felt my body temperature rise about four degrees when I realized the guest star for this episode was Pernell Roberts, playing opposite none other than Peter Breck. When the two larger-than-life hotties engaged in a fist fight, I wondered if the director had simply strived to tape the fantasy of women all across America.

    Carnal interests aside, Roberts' character Madigan is charmingly hilarious as an Irish fugitive and ne'er-do-well who knocks hard heads with Nick while tacitly respecting him. The whole tamed eagle theme as an allegory to Madigan was a bit overdone, but Roberts finally has a chance to show off some fine acting, this time on a different Western.