The Big Valley

Season 2 Episode 24

Court Martial

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Mar 06, 1967 on ABC

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  • One of my favorite episodes

    In this episode, a general, who Nick formerly aide, is being interrogated by a group of mercenaries who broke into the Barkley home and begin taking over. I really feel sorry for Audra and Victoria. They were being held tied up and almost died in that fire. As the general confessed about the murder of an innocent town and the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, Jarrod revealed that these men are federal agents and that he was part of this whole plan. Jarrod immediately apologized to Nick. And Nick, hurt, shocked, humiliated and understandably angry, gave Jarrod a good punch in the face for, not only coming up with something so secretive, but literally putting his entire family in danger. In the end, they put their differences aside. All in all, great episode, good ending and one of my all-time favorites.
  • One of the best--if not THE best--episode

    Great episode because of its surprise ending. I say this despite the rather weak sub-plot involving Audra and Victoria in the attic.
  • Victoria and Audra play Twister in the attic while the men stage "Twelve Angry Men" downstairs

    Jarrod jeopardizes his family's lives in order to gain a confession from a traitor. When Nick's commanding officer in the Union army, Alderson, comes to buy some horses for an army contract, he and the Barkley's suddenly find themselves surrounded by a lynch mob that want to execute the commander for the massacre of a southern town. When Nick admits that he was the commander's aid, the mob turns on him as well. The delay in their pending hanging comes when one of the men agrees to stage a kangaroo court to find out the details of that night.

    The suspense in this episode leading up to what really happened with Alderson and the ambushed town is decent. However, the fact that each member of the family, plus the hired hands, was terrorized and nearly got killed - Audra and Victoria especially - was just really far-fetched. Neither the government nor Jarrod would have conspired for such a thing. At the very least, they'd have arranged for the women to be out of the house, and for the others to be aware on some level of what was going on. However, that wouldn't have made for good television. :)

  • Dangerous case of entrapment for the government turns deadly.

    What kind of brother allows his family to worry about the safety of their lives, over a war crime, that according to this same brother in the "The Guild of Matt Bentell" should be forgotten? He endangers his brothers, who have no clue what's going on, and have a history of doing whatever it take, no matter the risk to themselves, to save their family. His mother and sister, are locked up in their own home, with no clue of what's going on, believing Jarrod to be in danger. Jarrod's supposed to be the smart, even thinking one. I just find it hard to believe he would do something so stupid, so unthinking. But he always did turn a blind eye to the pain of his family, in the name of "justice".
  • A lynch party, a court martial, and Nick Barkley. Find out why it happened in this episode.

    General Alderson goes to the Barkley ranch to buy horses from the Barkley’s. He is going to get them because the Barkley's have a government contract. Five men from a town, called Mayville that he commanded be massacred, have taken Audra, Victoria, and Silas and Ciego all hostage. They want to hang him for his bad deed. Nick and Heath, who have been on cattle drive, come home 5 days earlier than expected and are also captured. Nick was under Alderson's command; he was his aide at Mayville. Nick and Alderson go on trial for murder, it was held at the Barkley ranch, with the 5 men as judge and jury. They were both defended by Jerrod. Heath tries to escape by jumping out a window during the trial but is recaptured. As Alderson is to be hanged he confesses to ordering the execution of the people in the town. He also confesses to being a Confederate spy and plotting to kill President Lincoln. He is taken back to Washington by the 5 men who are actually Federal Agents. Jerrod knew about this when he was asked to help by the United States government. Nick of course is enraged and hits Jerrod. He blames him for putting the family in danger. Jerrod asked Nick what would he have done if he had been asked to help. He said he would have probably done the same thing. It was a very good episode my favorite of the series.
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