The Big Valley

Season 2 Episode 29

Days of Grace

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Apr 17, 1967 on ABC

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  • Heath is aided by an enterprising nun, while Victoria uses mind games on his disturbed accuser

    This episode is a gem for one primary reason, and that is the performance given by Ellen Burstyn, who played Sister Sarah, once Heath's love interest and now a nun. Of all his flames, she is the most charismatic, steadfast, and sincere.

    Of course, the writers had a big hand in this as well, because her character's dialogue was some of the deepest we've seen in the show. When she tells Heath, sitting around a solitaire campfire, "there's no gap to fill" in her life since her decision, it marked one of the most genuine love scenes I've ever seen in a Western.

    Karen Black's contribution was deliciously creepy, but again, less so in my opinion than Barbara Stanwyck's, who for her part, wasn't trying to be.
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