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    He was more or less The Big Valley's answer to Chuck Cunningham, preceding the latter by ten years, though Eugene's absence is more easily explained (he was away at school). Chuck's disappearance from Happy Days was like a Twilight Zone episode. Eugene might have become a regular if it hadn't been for the Vietnam War. The actor, Charles Briles, was drafted in 1965, though I'm not sure if he ever actually went to Vietnam. We'll never know what kind of character Eugene would have made. I don't know what, if anything, the producers would have done with him if he hadn't been drafted.
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    Watching the early episodes again, Eugene doesn't come across as a very strong character. He doesn't have the raw appeal of the other three brothers. I don't know how many story lines he'd have starred in. Jarrod seemed to have the market on the sophisticated and seasoned side to the Wild West; Heath is the brooder and Nick is the hothead, both virile types. But you're can only wonder. Maybe he'd have been the Barkley's version of Little Joe.
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