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    Good evening,

    I am new to this board. I am also a Big Valley fan. I watch reruns on Encore Cable - Western channel 423 - here in Illinois.

    My questions are the make-up of the family. They're supposed to be this powerful family - holders of over 1000 acers or more of land and businesses worth millions. Yet none of the sons are married with children - children that could inherit their wealth and power? Along the disappearance of third son Eugene, doesn't this seem odd? Why would the producers of the show have middle aged sons - Jerrod and Nick with no families? Has this occurred to anyone else?

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    I guess it could be explained that they were too busy or wrapped up in their work and didn't have time to think about starting families. There was some courting, though. In one episode, Jarrod came home with a new bride, but she was shortly thereafter killed by a bullet meant for him. Nick dated occassionally, and came close to getting married once. Heath had lady friends, but nothing serious. Anyway, you could say the same thing about the Cartright brothers on Bonanza.
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