The Big Valley

Season 1 Episode 24


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Mar 09, 1966 on ABC

Episode Recap

Jarrod is about to leave for town when he encounters a man whom he's never met, looking for Heath. Jarrod tells him that he may wait at the house, when suddenly, gunshots ring out and Jarrod turns to see the man lying in the dust, shot through the back. Bounty hunters take responsibility, looking to claim him for a reward, but Nick comes to the rescue and orders them off their land. Later, they come looking for Heath at the house, but Jarrod insists that they need a warrant, and buys a couple more days' time to get information on why the man is wanted. Heath identifies the man as Gil Anders, not a friend, but rather a man Heath hated and would be willing to see die.

Jarrod makes a trip to Coreyville, only to find the residents of the town are very secretive about Gil. The sheriff explains that he brought Gil in on a murder charge, even though there were no witnesses to the murder. Jarrod tries to glean information from other residents but is met with only open hostility and closed lips. The bartender at the saloon gives him a tidbit of information in exchange for a hundred-dollar bill: try Amy Colter. When he returns to his hotel room, Jarrod is ambushed by the corrupt judge's nephew and his goons. Later, a knock on the door reveals Amy Colter herself, married to the judge's nephew and witness to the fact that her uncle and husband plan to kill Jarrod for snooping too much and frame it as an accident. She warns him and hides Jarrod out in the schoolhouse. Back in Stockton, Nick decides to ride to Coreyville to find Jarrod, and Heath goes with him.

Amy tells Jarrod what really happened, and how her jealous husband killed the male schoolteacher with whom she was friends and pinned it on Gil. The whole town has been covering all along for him. Amy agrees to sign her statement in an affidavit, and returns to town. Little does she or Jarrod know that her husband has set up an ambush for Jarrod, and two men attempt to throw him in front of the stagecoach. Nick and Heath come to his rescue at the last minute, and when the corrupt sheriff tries to shoot Jarrod, the brothers turn and fire on him, killing him. Judge Colter tries to say it was murder, but Amy comes forward as a witness and claims that it was self-defense. She informs Jarrod that she won't be staying long in that town.

When Heath returns to the ranch, he confronts Gil at his family's persuasion. Gil comes clean with his guilty conscience that he has been carrying around, and Heath tacitly accepts his apology.