The Big Valley

Season 1 Episode 14

The Brawlers

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Dec 15, 1965 on ABC

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  • Pleasant episode

    The episode starts out with Irish immigrants settling at the Barkley branch, thereby making The Barkley siblings (except for Heath) think they are hooligan squatters. While Heath (unsurprisingly) shows his friendliness and generosity to the Irish folks, Nick (usually in his rebellious nature) begins to start trouble. My favorite part in this episode was the fight scene where Nick and Jimmy have a brawl. The sad part about this episode was, after Nick and his men threatened the Irish people, Jimmy tells them about the children and the mothers. And that right there shows that no matter how rich or poor you are nobody deserves to suffer. The scene where Victoria tries to calm down Nick and Jimmy really killed me. That was hilarious. The ending of this episode was really sweet. And I'm not surprised that Sharon got her on Heath (since he is obviously the most romantic character on the show). Also, I'm glad Nick came to his senses. This episode is really great, and I loved it. Just like my other favorite episodes, it's entertaining to watch and it's perfect in every way.
  • About Time

    The reason I liked this episode so much is that Audra got a well deserved spanking. Something which should have been done yrs before. I've always disliked the character and felt she was nothing more than a spoiled brat who threw temper tantrums to get her own way and was a snob. "I'M AUDRA BARKLEY". Ugh. Little Miss Queen of the May. Very full of herself.
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