The Big Valley

Season 1 Episode 22

The Death Merchant

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Feb 23, 1966 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • The Lincoln County War was fought in New Mexico in 1878-79. It had not yet begun in 1876, the year The Big Valley is set. So Heath would not have been involved in it two years prior to his arrival at the ranch.

  • Quotes

    • Ezra: Now after what your man did to our boys...
      Nick: I keep trying to tell you, he was not our man!
      Ezra: He just shoots my sons and lives in your house.
      Nick: He wasn't when he did.
      Ezra: But he did and he is.
      Nick: We're not getting too far, are we?
      Ezra: You're not.

    • Audra: Handy Random is a friend of this family, and as long as you're a part of it, he's a friend of yours.
      Heath: I think I have the right to pick my own friends.

    • Nick: Having you for a partner, Handy, is something like having a rattlesnake in your hip pocket.

    • Handy: Now I'd like to apologize to each and every one of you.
      Jarrod: For what?
      Handy: For having to kill you if you ever step on Craddock land.
      Jarrod: You're working for Craddock?
      Handy: Not yet, but there's two sides to every question.

    • Handy: You'd better tell these boys, next time not to shoot at a man unless they mean to see him dead.
      Ezra: I already have. Any reason why you shouldn't be the next one?
      Handy: Well, I got some pretty good reasons right here in these barrels.
      Ezra: Little pieces of glass like the doctor took out of my boys?
      Handy: No, it's gravel this time. Cuts down on my overhead. Did you know that double-ought buckshot is up to a dime a pound?

    • Handy: You add a hundred dollars to that, I'll guarantee the Barkleys don't step on your property.
      Ezra: Why are you switching sides?
      Handy: I'm not unless you're coming up with an extra hundred. Satisfaction guaranteed.

    • Ezra: Pretty lady like you ought to have woman's work to keep her busy.
      Audra: If you men would handle things better, I'd have time to. As it is, my dinner's probably ruined.

    • Handy: The trouble with this dyin' business, it makes you feel like a plum-darned fool. I always hoped if'fn I did die, I'd be out of town at the time. Somebody would have to come and tell me about it later.

    • Ezra: What'd you do with the old renegade?
      Heath: We buried him down by the creek.
      Ezra: On which side?
      Nick: Our side.
      Ezra: You should have left him for the buzzards.
      Nick: Even the buzzards are due some consideration, don't you think?

    • Ezra: Some religions, nobody works for two weeks while mourning the death of a member of the family. Picking oranges is work.
      Audra: What religion is that, Mr. Craddock?
      Ezra: My religion.

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