The Big Valley

Season 2 Episode 21

The Haunted Gun

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Feb 06, 1967 on ABC

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  • A Haunted Past with a Touch of Insanity and a Dash of Guilt.

    A former gunfighter and present day politician visits his friends the Barkleys. Behind every bush and rock he sees a potential assassin and at first they go along with his reasoning but soon things begin to feel odd. A good episode but far from the best. There isn't a lot of suspense in regards to how it will end but still a good one to watch.
  • A U.S. Senator sees a would-be assassin under every bed.

    Jud Robson is a United States Senator and friend of the Barkleys, and is in town for a visit. Before entering public service he had a reputation with his fast gun. One night he shoots at a man outside that he suspects is an assassin. Heath and Jarrod later catch up with the man, a ranch hand who was just taking a walk because he was an insomniac. Jarrod is in town with the Senator, who is playing poker, and loses. Robson confronts the winning gambler in the latter's hotel room. A fight breaks out and Robson shoots and kills him. Robson claims the gambler drew on him, and a worshipful witness backs up his claim, but Jarrod suspects otherwise. The Senator first agrees to remain in Stockton for an inquest. Then, as Jarrod gets closer to the truth of what happened in the hotel room, the Senator abrubtly changes his mind, claiming urgent business in Washington. Jarrod threatens to have him forced to remain for the inquest, leading Robson to suspect Jarrod is a deadly enemy. The Senator's loyal and trusted aid, Salazar, is then forced to make a terrible decision.

    A classic study in paranoia.